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New feature in visual search Data APIs: Detailed error information for failed processing

Posted by Guangda Li on Feb 17, 2015 3:38:00 PM

We heard your feedback on the inconveniences of using our visual search Data API for inserting data because of the vague insert status error reports. These are now a thing of the past.

In our recent release, we brought a new feature to our visual search Data API, allowing developers to retrieve detailed insert error information for each failed image.

The Data APIs provide interfaces to allow developers manage their image collections. Insert API is called to start an insert task for adding or updating of images. For each data insert task, developers can access the status of the insert process through the Insert Status API by providing the transaction id of the insert process. If any error occurs during the insert process, the error information will be returned.

Previously, we were only able to report the number of images that have failed to be inserted without any detailed information. This has caused some extra effort from developers on data feed preparation and cleaning because they would be unable to identify the problem in the data feed when error occurs during insertion.

Now with the introduction of this new feature, developers are able to get detailed error information for each failed image by calling Insert Status API. We have added three new error codes and the corresponding descriptive error messages to help users understand why images are not inserted successfully.

New error codes:

201 Could not download the image from im_url
202 Unsupported image format
203 Unsupported image dimension

This information is formatted as a list of errors for failing images. This error list advises the follow-up procedures for developers - to check the validity of the image url or prepare images with required format and dimension for uploading.

To learn more about our visual search Data API, please refer to our API documentation.

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