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Best Practices: Using im_id to refine upload search results

Posted by Yu Lu on Mar 16, 2016 7:51:09 PM

Visual search uploadsearch API provides powerful features on product category detection, results filtering, image cropping and pagination. They allow users to refine search results based on their preferences to get more accurate and relevant matches. As we noticed that users were performing result refinements frequently, we decided to introduce a cool feature to ViSearch uploadsearch API to make your search process even faster - im_id

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Best Practices: Front-end integration using Javascript SDK

Posted by Yu Lu on Mar 16, 2016 7:26:41 PM

Integration with ViSearch search engine has become much easier with our newly released Javascript SDK. Now there is no need to download or install any standalone files, you can just perform the integration directly with including a short piece of regular Javascript in your frontend web applications, resulting in a much faster process.

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I am Guangda, CTO of ViSenze, Ask Me Anything

Posted by Clara Lu on Oct 27, 2015 3:55:00 PM

Our CTO and co-founder, Guangda, is hosting a Reddit AMA this week, and we welcome earnest and provoking questions during the session.

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Best practices: Visual search Insert Status APIs

Posted by Guangda Li on Mar 10, 2015 3:48:00 PM

In our previous blog post, we announced the launch of a new feature in our visual search Data API - detailed error reporting for the failed insertion of images. With the introduction of this Data Insert Status API (/insert/status), we'd also like to share some tips for using it.

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