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ViSenze at eTail East: Transforming retail with innovation

Posted by ViSenze 13-August-2015

It's our first time participating in eTail East, held in Boston from 10-13 August 2015, and so far, it has been a blast!

This event for e-commerce and multi channel retailers offers exciting keynote presentations, exhibitions, networking sessions and interactive workshops - all with a sole purpose in mind: to help transform the retail scene. Together.


Hot topics that are being discussed and debated at this four-day event include the latest technological innovations that can greatly improve the retail experience for consumers, how to personalize the customer journey, online marketing, analytics, usability and many more.

We at ViSenze are really excited to contribute to these conversations. Our mission critical visual search technology was designed to battle inefficient keywords search on e-commerce platforms, reduce the friction offline to online purchases and increase conversion rates in mind.


At our booth, we once again deployed the use of our trusy manequinn to highlight the applications of visual search technology and the opportunities it presents for retailers. Check out the video below that comprises of our experiences and our observations at the event:



In our ebook on Visual Search Technology: Why Should Retailers Care (available for download here), we shared that the retail industry will surge and hit a record high of $25.4 trillion in 2016.

As profits grow, so will consumers' expectations and rising competition. It turns out that there are a number of important retail trends that will allow you to take a big bite out of this retail pie. The whitepaper is full of insights and how retailers can embrace these strategies to provide an out-of-the-world customized, omnichannel customer experience. So don't be late to read it!


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