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As the largest luxury retailer in the Middle East, Al Tayer Group hosts a portfolio of some of the world’s best luxury brands in the fashion, jewelry, home, and department store categories. Headquartered in the UAE, the retail division has expanded operations to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman, and currently operates over 200 stores across the region. Altayer found out that there is no brand directly catering to the unique lifestyle and shopping demands of Millenials and Gen Z in the Middle East and came up with the Idea mobile-first lifestyle retail brand, Nisnass.

Solutions Deployed

Search By Image: Enable shoppers to use images to search and discover products they are inspired to buy.

Performance Results

~25% of total search coming from visual search

“We chose ViSenze over others because of their accuracy results and ease of implementation.  AI and Computer vision is going to be an indispensable part for the E-commerce players going ahead”

  -Indraneel Jain - Head of Digital Trading, Al Tayer

Knowing it better and being there first...

Having known the pulse of the ‘Now’ generation, Al-Tayer’s top priorities were easy product discoverability and unparalleled shopping experience for its Digitally savvy users, the target audience of Nisnass App. Using computer vision and search by Image, they achieved their priorities as well as became the first E-commerce company in the Middle East to implement Search By Image.

Implementation, launch, and Usage...

Al-Tayer team closely worked with ViSenze to implement Search By Image in their android and IOS mobile apps. Implementation was done within weeks and Nisnass was launched in January 2018 with Search By Image as a key differentiator. The Apps are doing very well among younger crowd and ~25% of the total searches are happening through search by Image.

Path Ahead...

After the successful reception of Search By Image by the consumers, Al Tayer Insignia group now aims to replicate the success story to their luxury-focused sister brand,


We are also actively considering other solutions of ViSenze - our Visual commerce partners, to increase product discoverability and give more personalized shopping experience

- Al Tayer Insignia Group

Nisnass Search By Image

Search By Image

 Search By Image enables shoppers to upload a photo of an item in order to search for exact or similar products on the platform.

According to E-marketer study, around 75% of US internet users regularly or always search for visual content prior to making a purchase.

Of all the customer searches in the Nisnass apps, ~25% was done through visual search.

Compared to the voice search, Visual search contributed ~12X more search results for Nisnass.

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