Active in 26 countries and serving more than 10 million customers, La Redoute is the 2nd largest vendor of women’s apparel and the 3rd largest vendor of linens in France. Their e-commerce site receives 7 million unique visitors every month. As e-commerce evolves, La Redoute wanted to adapt to online customers’ changing expectation of finding what they are looking for more easily.

Solutions Deployed

Search by Image: Lets customers find products using an image or screenshot.

Visually Similar Product Recommendations: Intelligent recommendations based on what shoppers are seeing.

Automated Product Tagging: Use image recognition to automatically add relevant product tags at scale.

Performance Results

2X more products viewed when Similar Search is deployed

“We are very much satisfied with ViSenze and their solutions.Computer vision, with its potential to transform the customer’s online journey, is growing to be a staple in the e-commerce industry.”

-François Nguyen, Chief Data Officer of La Redoute

A better shopping experience through AI...

As an industry leader, La Redoute saw the innovation of computer vision solutions as a great opportunity to improve user experience and increase user engagement on their e-commerce site. Given that their main products, apparel and furniture, are far better described by images than by words, they aimed to complement traditional keyword searching through AI and differentiate themselves amidst the rapid proliferation of e-commerce platforms.

Connecting with ViSenze...

“We chose ViSenze for their specialization in apparel and the fashion industry. The high number of product categories and attributes that their solutions can recognize is unmatched.”

Implementing the solutions...

La Redoute first worked with ViSenze to implement Search by Image on their IOS and Android mobile apps. Almost immediately after, they also moved to implement Visually Similar Product Recommendations.

While ‘Search by Image’ positively impacts user satisfaction rates by producing relevant search results, solutions like ‘Find Similar’ or ‘You May Also Like’ augment user engagement and increase conversion rates by providing shoppers with more relevant and visually similar product choices.


“While Search by Image delivered a fresh navigation method for our shoppers, Visually Similar Product Recommendations helped us generate more customer rebound and streamlined further their journey on our website.”

La Redoute mobile app (IOS)

Search By Image

Search by Image allows users to search for products by taking a photograph or uploading an image.

In a new research study, ViSenze found out that 62 percent of generation Z and millennial consumers want visual search capabilities, more than any other new technology.

ViSenze’s visual search engine boasts high accuracy and low latency that detects multiple attributes in one image simultaneously.

La Redoute mobile app (IOS)

Visually Similar Product Recommendations

Visually Similar Product Recommendations surface intelligent recommendations of products that are visually similar to what shoppers are seeing.

By providing shoppers with multiple visual options for purchase, ViSenze’s recommendation technology not only increases product discoverability but also provides a better shopping experience.

Visually similar suggestions have helped La Redoute achieve a 2X higher product discovery rate.

We used AWS infrastructure to power the microservice architecture behind this solution. It enabled ViSenze to deliver the innovation with speed and agility.

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