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One of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in Indonesia, MatahariMall was launched in 2015 to realize the concept of ‘Offline-to-Online shopping’ and offers a wide range of products including fashion, electronics, groceries, and more. MatahariMall was one of ViSenze’s early customers and has continued to work with ViSenze over the years.

Solutions Deployed

Visually Similar Product Recommendations: Intelligent product recommendations based on what shoppers are seeing.

Shop The Look: Inspire purchase through a moderator tool that easily matches e-commerce products to popular fashion content.

Performance Results

Visually Similar Product Recommendations

CTR Uplift

Inspiration images to Product Page


"ViSenze's solutions allow our customers to seamlessly discover and directly purchase items from looks they've been inspired by, satisfying the expectations of both parties and helping us foster a stronger connection with our customers."



From marketplace to fashion house...

When MatahariMall repositioned itself as a fashion company in addition to being an e-commerce marketplace, they examined the consumption behavior and habits of young women, their target audience. MatahariMall found that most of them prefer to find inspiration online from social media and shop the looks within. In order to adapt to this buyer behavior and to eliminate existing friction points, MatahariMall implemented AI solutions to enhance the ease of search and boost overall business performance.

Choosing computer vision and ViSenze...

MatahariMall leverages ViSenze’s solutions to drive higher Click-Through Rates on their Product Details Pages by not only enabling users to discover products more easily through Visually Similar Product Recommendations, but also connecting them directly to products from their inspiration.

Implementing the solutions...

In ascertaining their implementation strategies, MatahariMall explored the full range of possibilities and collaborated with ViSenze to determine how ViSenze’s solutions gives them a unique competitive advantage.


"The ViSenze team has been doing a great job, they are proactive, deliver fast responses and we are very satisfied with the process of working together. We look forward to exploring more features with ViSenze in the future."

— Rebecca Rompas, Senior Product - Growth at


"Working with ViSenze team has been a great pleasure for me, as they always provide the client with the best service. ViSenze always gives their all in making sure the client achieves their goals and brings the overall business performance to a new height."

— Meiliana Tjandra, Product Monetization at

Visually Similar Product Recommendations

Visually Similar Product Recommendations surface intelligent recommendations of products that are visually similar to what shoppers are seeing.

By providing shoppers with multiple options for purchase, ViSenze’s recommendation technology not only streamlines their navigation experience but also increase product discoverability.

Shop The Look

Shop The Look uses visual recognition technology to identify and tag shoppable items within images for shoppers’ easy discovery and purchase.

In a market increasingly dominated by social media influence, Shop The Look helps businesses monetize organic content that’s already promoting their products.

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