ViSenze is the UK's No.1 website for TV listings, providing comprehensive listings for all TV platforms in the UK on terrestrial, Freeview, Freesat, Sky, Virgin & Tiscali. Consumers can search for TV programmes, films, and sports and also catch up on shows they have missed. Since TV consumers get inspired by the fashion donned by celebrities they see on visual platforms, TVGuide came up with an idea to integrate shoppable technology into their advertising strategies.

Solutions Deployed

Search By Image: Enable shoppers to use images to search and discover products they are inspired to buy.

Performance Results

Ad Engagement rate


Overall ROI


“ We chose ViSenze over others because of their success dealing with E-commerce clients, accuracy levels and expertise in apparel and the fashion industry."

-Chetan Damani, Director of

Coming up with Drag and shop...

Tvguide found out that often consumers got inspired by the celebrity fashion apparels they see on visual media platforms, but found it hard to describe them, the occasion, it's color and even apparel style in textual format. That’s how Tvguide in collaboration with the online retailer and ViSenze came up with Drag and Shop - shoppable banner ads, a way user can instantly shop something they see on TV and press.

Going Operational...

TVGuide and Shop Direct team worked closely with ViSenze to implement Search by Image in the drag and shop functionality.


“We were very happy with the ROI achieved from the Drag and Shop banners and also by the underlying technology of Computer Vision. ViSenze was also proactive and approachable in each phase of implementation.”

-Shop Direct Group

Path Ahead...

"We found that 60 percent of consumers felt our ‘Drag & Shop’ feature was valuable to their online shopping experience, making this as our most successful banner ad to date. We are excited to explore more features with ViSenze in near future and bring innovative technologies to our customers”

How interactive banner ad works...

The drag and shop banners are placed next to article images featuring celebrities wearing amazing outfits. If a user likes the clothes on the celebrity, they can simply drag the image into the banner. ViSenze’s search by Image which uses computer vision technology identifies the items of clothes in the image and return matching outfits from the fashion catalogue of If a user likes the items shown, they can just click the ‘shop’ button to be taken to the product page of the online retailer and can simply add it to their shopping cart.

Search By Image

 Search By Image enables shoppers to upload a photo of an item in order to search for exact or similar products on the platform.

 As a result of the banner ad campaign, contracted six million banners across UK publishers including TV Guide, saw an ROI of 12X, and a 22 percent interaction rate.

In addition to this, TvGuide saw a 43 percent increase in ad recall from competitors’ customers, specifically for 35+ year-olds that prefer to buy clothes online.

TVGuide was also named as a finalist in the 2018 EMEA Biggies Awards for Ad Banner Campaign in the 'Excellence in Use of Artificial Intelligence' Category.

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