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Reach millions of
high-intent shoppers

When you advertise with ViSenze Retail Media, we connect your sponsored products with audiences that are highly engaged and primed to purchase.


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Make popular context shoppable with contextually relevant ads

Powered by visual AI and machine learning, our technology analyzes editorial images in leading media outlets and displays sponsored products that match.

We’ll present a curated selection of products your audience will love, based on what content they’re exploring. You’ll customize display and visitor conditions to optimize ad performance.

It’s a seamless, shoppable journey that takes your audience from inspiration to purchase.

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Engage your audience with native and relevant ads

Cookie-based advertising is out — and your customers don’t want to be chased by the same ad, anyway. With ViSenze, promote your products and capitalize on the user journey without capturing sensitive data.

We give you the tools to natively embed sponsored products within popular publisher content. Whether you use standard widgets or advanced configurations, you’ll offer non-intrusive ads with the power to convert.

Transform editorial content into a new revenue opportunity

ViSenze partners with leading publishers to convert visually rich content into shoppable opportunities.

Whether you choose to monetize top-performing content with affiliate, CPC or CPM product ads, the sponsored content on your site will enhance the user experience like never before.

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Frustrated with non-converting banner ads, disruptive campaigns and intrusive data collection?

Get more value for your ad spend with AI-powered contextual ads. ViSenze algorithms ensure your sponsored products only appear to high-intent shoppers who are eager to click.