FlashFrames, by Essilor

ViSenze solution

Visual Search by Image eliminates ineffective keyword guessing attempts during the product search and discovery processl on flashframes.com. Instead, shoppers use images to look for matching or similar items in Essilor’s database.



With Find Similar, shoppers can explore similar products to the one they are looking at. These recommended products are shown automatically on every product page, allowing easy browsing and navigation to help shoppers narrow down their choices.essilor-solutions-photo3-2_copy.png

Essilor's ROI for using ViSenze solutions

Easy Site Navigation And Product Browsing

Increase In Click-Through Rate

Increase In Engagement

Higher Conversion Rates

Better Personalization

Company Profile

  • World leader for corrective lenses with over $6 billion revenue in 2015
  • Present in more than 100 countries with 61,000 employees
  • From design to manufacture, the group develops a wide range of lenses to correct and protect eyesight

Their Challenge

The current product discovery process using keyword search for eyewear is broken; people are unable to find what they like because they are unable to use the specific eyewear nomenclature as keywords to search for products that they like. They need a visual- driven search and discovery experience to find eyewear with images as keyword search is just not enough.


Uses ViSenze technology to power:

Search by Image

Allows shoppers to upload a photo of a pair of eyewear in order to search for exact or similar products on the platform.

Find Similar

Presents visually similar product recommendations on product pages in order to increase engagement rate.

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