ViSenze is for businesses

ViSenze offers our visual tech to businesses with large image databases that want to simplify search inside their own web or mobile platforms.

Our subscription-based solutions for businesses include:

Reverse image search

The ability to search and find visually similar items inside the business’ database by using any uploaded images or their URLs as search queries instead of keywords.

Image recognition

The ability to categorize and tag the items inside the business’ database in a fully customizable, automated and scalable way.

flipkart uses ViSenze visual technology for its mobile app

Google Image Search is crawling the entire web for consumers. Their Custom Search technology for businesses does provide simple image search capabilities, but it doesn’t provide reverse image search - so it relies on accurate keyword guessing and correct image tagging, which rarely happens. They also don’t provide image recognition solutions to businesses.

ViSenze is customized by industry

At ViSenze we fine-tune our visual search and image recognition technology for the specific industries we work in, as well as for each business customer if needed.

visual technology customized by industry

Google Image Search is broader and identifies generic categories, without going deep into any specific field, as they serve a general consumer market and not specific businesses.

Nevertheless, built with state-of-the-art deep learning and computer vision technology

ViSenze is a pioneer in the visual technology space. We use machine intelligence to unlock visual content and make sense of it for our business customers.

deep learning and computer vision technology

Our solutions are built using the latest developments in deep learning and computer vision to provide fully automated and highly relevant results. We also ensure high-standards scalability and speed through our infrastructure architecture.

Experience search without keywords.

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