Visually similar product recommendations that help narrow down on preferences

Showcase additional products based on relevancy instead of popularity

Increase engagement and conversion rates

Provide your users with visually similar alternatives at every step. By surfacing relevant products, this browsing experience brings them closer to what they truly want.

increase engagement and conversion rates with visual technology

Enhance your recommendation engine with visual signals

Product recommendations can be more than a popularity contest or herd behaviour suggestion. Our machines analyze the content of images or videos and automatically suggest visually similar items from your inventory.

enhance your recommendation engine with visual technology

How good is it, you wonder?

Fully automated suggestions

Forget about manually tagging products in videos and photos, and handpicking visually similar items - this product recommendations technology does all the work in a blink.

Easily combined with other filters

Rest assured that you can enhance visual similarity signals with other filters like branding, price range etc. - if it makes sense for your users, it is technically possible.

Built with machine intelligence

Benefit from the latest advancements in deep learning and computer vision, tailored for your industry - use our ready-made SaaS solution to see instant results.

Increase engagement and conversion rates. Enable visually similar product recommendations now.

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Did you know?

Recommendation engines that take into account what users with similar behaviour liked or purchased (collaborative filtering approach) require a significant amount of data, ideally millions of data points. With little or no data, you won't be able to make recommendations.

On the other hand, a content-based recommendation engine doesn't need large amounts of user data, just an intelligent and automated way to classify the content and establish relations between items in terms of relevancy.

What's even better for this recommendation engine based on visually similarity is that it doesn't rely on tagging and metadata.

ecommerce recommendation engine

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