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Turn images into engagement

AI powered shopping solutions to drive more conversions

search by image

Search by Image

Allow users to search by uploading images
instead of guessing at keywords, on both
desktop and mobile.

With built-­in automated object recognition,
our visual search will return matching or
similar items from your database in the blink
of an eye.

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Visually Similar Product Recommendations

Surface visually similar products to users browsing your platform or watching your videos.

By looking to match shapes, styles, patterns and colors, our technology showcases products based on relevancy instead of popularity.

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product recommendation technology
out of stock alternatives for e-commerce

Out of Stock Alternatives

Present visually similar alternatives to shoppers when they chance upon items that are out of stock.

Keep your consumers delighted and convert dead ends into sales with product recommendations based on color, shape, pattern and style.

Automated Product Tagging

Use image recognition technology to automatically add relevant tags to products in your catalog.

With this fully-automated and scalable solution, save time and avoid errors from the manual tagging process.

e-commerce product tagging at scale

Content to Commerce

With this solution, retailers can sell more by showcasing products on relevant inspirational visual content across the web.

While publishers can generate more revenue by turning engaging content into shoppable content and monetising it.

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Retailers Publishers

Available for various verticals:

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Logos & Trademarks
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Jewelry & Accessories
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Interior Design
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Introducing our recently released solution for the fashion industry:

mix and match function for ecommerce

Automated Mix & Match

Suggest complementary fashion items to users to complete an outfit.

Built with machine intelligence, this solution automatically surfaces the most stylish combinations of your products.

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Complete The Look

visual trend analytics for fashion intelligence

Fashion intelligence

Gain insights into your market with real-time visual trend analytics.

Enhance your reports and identify opportunities with the most sought after fashion styles, trends, colors and patterns in the industry.

An under-the-hood look at our state-­of-­the­-art technology:

Deep Learning

Intelligent machine learning algorithms that automate sophisticated human work.

Computer Vision

Technology that understands and makes sense of visual content.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud-­based solutions and parallel processing that scale as your business grows.

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