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Have you ever wanted to remove the hassles of searching for particular product samples or drawings in your massive image library?


Now you can.
It’s time to reconsider the way you’ve been conducting your search processes.

Attain search results without having to translate what you see into keywords. We provide the technology for reverse image search and visual search.

Improve user experience and increase staff productivity by enabling visual search on your image library.

What the naked eye can miss, our visual search technology will not. The best part? Search results are generated in a matter of m​illiseconds​ and they are highly accurate.

Welcome your staff and users to search without keywords

Put an end to guessing at keywords that describe a drawing, art piece, map, or a blueprint. Eliminate the difficulty and bypass the limitations of using words to look for product samples in your database.

Instead, simply use images as search queries to surface results that are visually similar in terms of pattern, color, shape and style.

search without keywords

Increase productivity by finding what you’re looking for in milliseconds

Your users, salespeople and backend staff no longer need to waste a ton of time browsing the catalog using traditional keyword search or even conducting physical searches!

Our technology gives you the results that you are looking for almost immediately -­ faster than you can say, “Now, where is that artist rendering of the room on the 9th floor of that building that looks like it would fit right in in a Renaissance art painting?”

increase search productivity

Customize search processes to get exactly what you’re looking for

Save time by fine-tuning and filtering your results to produce the exact results that you are looking for - in the blink of an eye.

Simply adjust search parameters such as color, pattern and shape to refine your results as you conduct this large scale image retrieval process.

finetune visual search results

Search for anything from maps to patent diagrams

If you have a photography album with hundreds of thousands of photos, a patent database with many, many sketches, an archive of maps and anything else in between, come talk to us.

We welcome new challenges and problems.

search maps and diagrams with images as queries

Experience search without keywords.

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