Our proprietary visual search technology uses only images as inputs to find exact matches or similar items.

Whenever your shopper uploads a photo of a product for searching, our intelligent machine learning algorithms will find and recommend matching products based on a range of visual attributes such as colors, patterns, shapes.


About our technology


Deep learning

Intelligent machine learning algorithms that improves over time.


Computer Vision

Technology that simplifies and makes sense of the visual web.



Cloud-­based solutions that scale as you grow.

How visual technology benefits your business

Make offline to online commerce possible.

Create an exciting and hassle-free user experience by bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms.

Allow people to take photos of products around them and find similar ones on your e-commerce platform, without having to guess at any keyword.

They will thank you for this efficient search process with their wallets.

Increase engagement and conversion rates.

Use the opportunity to drive higher interest as your shoppers dive into your platform.

Suggest relevant products at every step and allow shoppers to narrow down on what they like until the checkout button becomes irresistible.

They’ll fall for your products while you’ll witness a higher conversion rate and basket size.

Personalize each shopping experience.

Impress each shopper with boosted products that are spot on, avoiding overwhelming categories and offers.

Boost new products that are visually similar to their previous viewing and purchasing history, and win them over by always matching their style.

They’ll see your shop as a friend that knows them best, so you’ll always be their favorite.

Here are the ways ZALORA has benefitted from our technology.

But wait, there's more.

Avoid lost sales due to stockouts

Keep shoppers satisfied by showing alternatives when they are about to hit a dead end.

Surface all relevant merchants

Help niche and small merchants sell when their products are most relevant, regardless of their popularity.

Offer the best deals

Get your merchants to compete on price by showing all the similar products at one go, or even limiting results to certain price ranges.

Experience search without keywords.

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