• June 05 2020

CEO Message: Presenting the ViSenze Brand Revamp

As you have noticed, we now have a new ViSenze website, the final leg of our full brand revamp exercise that started in Dec 2019. This would be our 4th website in our 7+ year history, and another chapter in our brand evolution. 

At every major leg of a company’s journey, a company’s brand architecture needs to reflect the values that it stands for, the relevance and purpose of its existence. In this revamp, we are taking ViSenze’s purpose to the next level; making the visual world more searchable and understandable for shopping. And we want to make an even bigger impact through smart search solutions for our clients and users. With our 5 core values in mind and with Customer Obsession being the top of that list, you will see our positioning and solutions strongly centred around addressing 4 major market segments. 

Our starting point is now the customer, who would be in one or more of these market segments we are focusing on:

Retail Operations
ViSenze Shopping

We help our customers to transform their retail experiences, grow their revenues and meet and exceed the ever-growing expectations of consumers. Our core values guide us in everything we do as we elevate our game and move forward together as ONE. 

Oliver Tan
CEO & Co-Founder