Sell more with ViSenze Smart Recommendations and surface the right product at each stage of the customer journey.

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Make styled photos entirely shoppable for a seamless customer journey.

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Instantly curate a collection of similar items to keep your customers browsing.

Image of coordinated accessories including a cross body bag, wristwatch, and sunglasses

Recommend coordinating items shoppers won’t want to pass up.

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Deliver Personalized Recommendations, Powered by AI

Combining visual AI and machine learning, Smart Recommendations delivers results every time for digital merchandisers. Inspiring new purchases with dynamic product displays has never been easier.


revenue per session


return on investment


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Create a truly remarkable ecommerce experience

Thanks to hyper-relevant Smart Recommendations, you’re not just selling products. You’re giving your customers a direct path to shop your complete brand look and lifestyle. That means higher order averages and more satisfied customers who will keep coming back.

Add suggested products across key customer touchpoints:

  • Product display pages
  • Checkout
  • Collections pages
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EyeBuyDirect used Smart Recommendations and Smart Data to achieve:





Measure the impact of curated recommendations

Dive deep into the Smart Data behind your Smart Recommendations. Uncover what product suggestions drive the highest purchases and engagement. Optimize how and where product suggestions are displayed to keep driving results.

Put your entire catalog to work

Spark inspiration and guide shoppers toward purchases they would have never organically discovered. Use Catalog Enrichment to power endless Smart Recommendations across your entire range.

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Turn the hottest trends into shoppable options your customers can choose from.

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Promote revenue-generating product categories that get less organic traffic.

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Delight customers with personalized product discovery experiences.

Turbocharge your retargeting strategy

Put ViSenze Smart Recommendations to work and drive more effective email retargeting with:

  • Personalized recommendations based on click or purchase history.
  • Immediate out-of-stock alternatives for email promotion.
  • Same-style product suggestions for campaign planning.
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Curate shoppable capsules with the ViSenze Discovery Suite

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Introduce dynamic product suggestions to help high-intent shoppers browse and buy faster.

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