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Multimodal AI personalization that puts your customer at the centre; increasing conversions, basket size, and revenue.

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Search and recommendations in
one fluid experience

Product search engines are independent of recommendation engines, making it harder for retailers to connect and optimize browse, search, and discovery experiences for shoppers.

With ViSenze’s multimodal platform, search and recommendations are one fluid experience thanks to shared behavioral data that drives performance optimization for both search and recommendations!

Recommendation Strategies

ViSenze offers you multiple recommendation types that allow you
to easily get the right products in front of your customers every
time. Amplify low-visibility products to maximize basket size and
minimize your unsold inventory.

Data-driven insights to maximize every customer interaction

With ViSenze, you can do real-time ecommerce funnel optimization, improving conversions at every stage of your shopper’s journey. Empower your team to analyze customer intent, continuously A/B test personalized UI experiences, and watch your shoppers buy more. You can finetune product recommendations based on product signals and shopper insights.

Why ViSenze Recommendations

Ease and speed of deployment with plug-&-play templates and simple business rules

Real-time dynamic recommendations based on new products without any intervention

Deep conversion funnel analytics to aid decision-making

Configurability and optimization with no-code widgets

Easy A/B testing and preview functionality

Smart Search

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Smart Data

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Why ViSenze?

  • Unified Multimodality Experience

    Our AI-powered platform seamlessly integrates search and recommendations into one fluid experience, providing a truly immersive shopping journey.

  • Cutting-Edge AI and Machine Learning

    Our state-of-the-art AI engine has been extensively trained over a decade on hundreds of millions of products. Combine this with the latest LLMs, you have a powerful engine that can seamlessly boost the shopping experience and enhance conversions!

  • Global Support and Customization

    Our team of retail AI experts and a global 24X7 team collaborate closely with you to ensure that our solution is tailored to your unique business needs, optimizing it at every stage for maximum impact.

  • Scalable and High-Performance

    ViSenze's platform is designed to seamlessly scale, managing large and multiple catalogs while handling peak traffic events with ease, ensuring blazing-fast performance for your website and apps.

  • Industry-Leading Expertise

    Our expertise is driven by our team's extensive experience working with leading retailers across the globe, giving us a deep understanding of the industry's evolving challenges and best practices.

Customer Success Stories

Myntra ShowPo DFS

Myntra leverages ViSenze’s ‘Similar’ and ‘Look’ recommendation engines to suggest visually similar items and recommend shoppable products from the model image respectively, increasing their AOV and revenue.

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ViSenze powers Showpo’s ‘See Similar’ carousel on their site and mobile app. This helped Showpo curate a collection of similar items based on the visual attributes of the item currently being viewed.

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DFS has seen an 8% higher AOV and 10% Increase in Conversions after implementing the ViSenze Discovery Suite. The ViSenze recommendation engine is dynamic and relevant to the current item based on its price, color, and other characteristics.

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One of the major challenges we had to solve was the language barrier when it came to search for our shoppers. ViSenze’s AI-powered Visual Search has been a perfect match for us. The ease of shopping is amazing given that relevant product results pop up in less than 500ms. The numbers speak for themselves.

Gagan Mahajan

Group Product Manager at Meesho

We wanted to enable a seamless search experience for our Gen Z and tech-savvy shoppers to ensure quick and relevant results. ViSenze ticked all the right boxes. ViSenze’s AI-Powered Visual Search has helped us convert significantly higher than text search.

Nikhil Jain

Head of Product at Reliance AJIO

ViSenze truly espouses a blend of innovation and smart technology. Their solution is simple to understand, easy to use and delivers the results we need.

Karthik Subramanian

CTO at Zalora Group

ViSenze Smart Recommendation solution helped with a 20% increase in click-through rates within a month of implementation. Our relationship with their team has been strong, and they continue to develop new solutions for us.

Alexia Alekseeva

Director Of User Experience at EyeBuyDirect

By putting images at the heart of the customer experience, we’re greatly improving the shopper journey and we achieve these smart visual recommendations with ViSenze. The fantastic working relationship with the team also helped us develop ideas and iterate quickly

James Vernon

Head of Online at DFS

ViSenze is truly an example of innovation. We are able to create a seamless shopping experience for our customers. Their solution is reliable and delivers the results we exactly need.

Juliette Gimenez

Co-Founder and CEO at Goxip