Powering Smart Product Discovery for the World’s Leading Retailers

Smart Product Discovery

Product Recommendations

Grow your revenue through increased conversions and engagement. Make recommendations based on what your shoppers are seeing.

Deliver a truly engaging online shopping experience. Let your shoppers find what they want faster using a photo, saved image, or screenshot.

Product Tagging

Automatically optimize your product catalog at scale with accurate tags matching shopper intent.

Catalog Insights

Connect, track and understand data from all existing sources. Easily integrated with your ecommerce ecosystem.

Smart Recommendations

Increase your revenue by delivering accurate and relevant visual recommendations that consistently outperform generic product recommendations. Instantly curate a collection to keep your customers engaged and get them buying.

Smart Tagging

Save time, decrease operating costs and improve consistency with Smart Tagging. Enrich your product listings at scale with accurate, descriptive tags based on thousands of visual attributes. Make your entire catalog more searchable and shoppable.

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