• November 24 2022

AI in Fashion Retail: Wow Your Shoppers with AI Generated Outfits

Ecommerce shoppers care more and more about their online shopping experience. A better experience leads to more sales, it’s as simple as that. 

For fashion retailers, curating outfits has always been a technique that helps their customers better visualize how the piece of clothing they are currently interested in pairs with what they already have in their wardrobe.

However, manually curating outfits is extremely time-consuming and every visitor has their own unique style, it is hard to create out fits, even harder to create outfits that satisfy all visitors.

This has been solved by ViSenze Smart Recommendations, which offers 3 fully customizable AI Outfit Recommendation strategies to create amazing online experiences that wow every visitor.

3 Outfit Recommendation Strategies Using AI in Fashion Retail

Most eCommerce retailers struggle with how to better manage and display their fashion Inventory from their eCommerce store; it is one of the most challenging tasks facing eCommerce retailers. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by IBM, only 15 percent of eCommerce retail managers say their stores are fully optimized. And when asked why, nearly half said they didn’t have the resources to manage every aspect of their store.

So, what does all this mean for you? Well, it means you will have to make tough decisions about how much space to devote to certain products and categories. But, before you go making drastic changes on your store, let me tell you about 3 AI Outfit recommendation products that can better help you manage your store and increase your AOV.

  • Shop the Model
  • Outfit Inspiration
  • Pairing Suggestions

Take advantage of your existing visual assets with models – Shop the Model

This is an AI tool that helps retailers instantly monetize your existing model images by finding the secondary products.

It Automatically displays more products from your catalog as shown in model images.

Let’s say is a model image of Rihanna wearing a pair of silver Manolo Blahnik heels, blue jeans trousers, a blue long-sleeve top, and a channel bag; this tool will display all the accessories on the model image from your store.

AI in fashion retail

How this ViSenze  AI tool works is that once it is active on your store,  it will automatically go through all the items from your catalog and match them with the ones on the model image. If there is no similar match, it will display a similar alternative. You can personalize this to your brand and design.

As a retailer, you will benefit from this tool because it will help you too.

  • Increase your average order value (AOV)
  • Its also ideal For PDP, PLP (Product Launch Plan), Email Retargeting

Create outfits with just product shots – Outfit Inspiration

AI in fashion retail

Outfit Inspiration recommendations can provide shoppers that come to your retail store with an entire outfit tandem with your existing store product photos based on the product the shopper picks.

How this tool works is that it automatically searches your entire catalog for additional products that go well with the item the shopper selects and creates complete outfits for various styles and occasions.

This allows you to showcase the versatility of your products and the range of your inventory through the following:.

  • Increase AOV
  • Increase CVR
  • Ideal for PDP, homepage, email retargeting

Make quick upsells – Pairing Suggestions 

Capture quick cross-selling opportunities.

At times simply showing an add-on item can create an ideal cross-sell. For example, recommending a suitable pair of sneakers when your shopper is purchasing a pair of jeans.

This allows you as the retailer to bundle purchases and create quick, intuitive experiences for cross-selling.

  • Increase CVR
  • Ideal for PDP, checkout page


Using AI in fashion retail, ViSenze has developed fully customizable algorithms that enable retailers to recommend outfits to customers. Each algorithm provides a unique set of features that allow retailers to create personalized recommendations for their customers. Using AI technology to recommend outfits to customers is a powerful way to drive more sales and engagement with the power of ViSenze. Request Demo