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85% of consumers from the US and the UK want to see visual recommendations for out-of-stock items

December 16 2020

ViSenze, a visual AI company powering retail solutions, announced the latest findings from their annual research; Visual Shopping Trends Report 2020 (US, UK, China), which reflected the impact of Covid-19[…]

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Covid-19 Impact: The New Norm Of Consumerism Is Here

June 18 2020

Since domino global lockdowns started in late February, retail sales have plummeted with non- essential stores shuttering and people having to stay at home. According to an April report by the US Commerce Department, retail sales dropped by 8.7% in March in the US alone, as stay home measures started to get implemented.

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Visenze Visual Shopping Trends 2019 US

May 17 2020

With over 1000 respondents in the U.S, we find out how they like to discover, search, and purchase products in-store and online. The purpose of this survey is to give retailers and brands the insights on what keeps their consumers engaged and what are some of the factors that contribute to conversions.

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Improving Product Findability with Deep Visual Attribution

How many words does it take to accurately describe a product? What if a beachwear dress is also a casual date night dress?

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