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ViSenze on Channel NewsAsia Tech Talk News 938

September 24 2020

Visual search makes for a more engaging shopper experience and leads to quicker and higher conversion rates.

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Retail Trends

ViSenze Thought Leadership Ep 1 | Covid-19 Impact to Consumer Spending & Retail in our New Norm

August 25 2020

In the first edition of our ViSenze Thought Leadership series, CEO of ViSenze Oliver Tan shares his insights and views on Covid-19 Impact to Consumer Spending & Retail in our[…]

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Retail AI Index

Case Study: How our AI powered smartphone Shopping Lens delivered incredible results for OEM

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Search & Recommendations

How Publishers can Leverage AI and Computer Vision

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Search & Recommendations

Style This With…? Inspire Shoppers with Visual Recommendations!

July 29 2020

Download our free eBook on Visual Recommendations

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Best Practices

Inspiration to Instant Gratification Instantly!

July 26 2020

Seen any good OOTDs lately? 70% of searches for fashion are triggered by an image! Automated visual recommendations can steer your shoppers from inspiration to purchase seamlessly. Download our free[…]

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Search & Recommendations

Convert UGC content into Shoppable Experiences

July 22 2020

Learn more on how Visual Recommendations can help your brand content strategy. Download our free eBook here:

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Our Core Values: Perspectives from some ViSenze Veterans

July 02 2020

Our ViSenze Veterans Liu Bo and Jinyu share their perspectives on what some of ViSenze’s core values mean to them.

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The impact of Covid-19: the New Norm of Consumerism is here.

June 15 2020

The world has changed and the new norm is here. Learn more in our Covid-19 Impact Report about the changing consumer landscape and how AI computer vision is helping retailers[…]

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