ViSenze Smart Tagging makes your products more searchable, at scale with automated product tags. Same SKUs, better data.

product tags

Enhance ecommerce product listings with hundreds of relevant attributes.

product tags

Increase product discoverability across key touchpoints with product tags.

product tags

Make your entire catalog more searchable and shoppable.

product tags

Kickstart more efficient,
streamlined operations

With AI working in your favor, decrease operating costs, minimize human error, and see your product catalog populated with hundreds of new product tags.


improvement over text search


return on investment

+30 hours

saved per person per week

Power fast, intuitive search with product tags

Smart Tagging combines with Smart Search to provide an unparalleled search experience for shoppers.

Eliminate keyword guessing and incomplete data sets that are costing you time and money. AI computer vision and machine learning help to identify missing attributes to enrich every product at scale.

Illustration demonstrating catalog enrichment with a laptop showing three brown leather ankle boots and associated attributes - heel, brown, leather, and buckle

Scale on-trend content creation with product tags

Leverage Smart Tagging to generate landing pages and collections for the latest trends using ViSenze’s style-based taxonomies.

  • Respond faster to changing consumer demands.
  • Create dynamic, on-trend campaigns.
  • Surface more relevant products across categories.
  • Capture long-tail search terms.
product tags

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