Visually Similar Product Recommendations

Make recommendations based on what shoppers are seeing

Keep customers engaged and increase conversions with Visually Similar Product Recommendations.

Showcase more of your catalog, match your visitor’s shopping intent and never worry about out-of-stock items.

similar products

Captures shopper’s intent

Visually Similar Product Recommendations are able to better match your customer’s shopping intent as it is based on what they are currently viewing.

This has been proven out perform rule-based and collaborative filtering recommendations by overcoming the “dissimilar looks” flaw.

No more, out of stock problems

Stop visitors from leaving your site when their desired product is out of stock by showing them visual alternatives.

These are products in your catalog that are the most visually similar to the products that online shoppers were considering

similar products
similar product recommendations

Re-engage abandoned carts

Re-engage customers with visually similar items, when they remove an item from their cart.

  • Personalized recommendations based on click or purchase history.
  • Immediate out-of-stock alternatives for email promotion.
  • Same-style product suggestions for campaign planning.

Continuous improvement

Continuously improve your recommendations to better match your business goals.

Retailers can fine tune and optimize their strategy and A/B test on recommendation strategy variations by brand, price and category

Works on day 1

These AI recommendations do not require additional model training and is able to cover your entire ecommerce catalog at the start.

This allows you to start increasing your product visibility by allowing your customers to discover more of your catalog on day 1.