Platform Integrations for Ecommerce Revenue Growth

Create and deploy personalized experiences to seamlessly improve customer product discovery. We allow merchants on the most popular ecommerce platforms to start using ViSenze Discovery Suite right away and continuously sync product catalogs in real-time.

Shopify is an all-in-one commerce platform that makes it easy to launch your dream business and start selling to your customers, wherever they are.

ViSenze brings product discovery to Shopify with visual search, tagging and recommendations that increase average order value and conversions.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud​ is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that empowers brands to create intelligent, unified buying experiences across all channels.

ViSenze provides product discovery for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which has been proven to increase revenue for retailers.

WooCommerce is the most common ecommerce platform on the internet. It is highly customizable and completely open-source.

ViSenze provides AI-driven product recommendations that increase average order value and conversions to Woocommerce as well as automated product tagging and image search capabilities.

Magento / Adobe Commerce allows merchants to build multi-channel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C customers on a single platform.

ViSenze provides visual search, tagging and recommendations for Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce merchants. This has been proven to increase average order value and conversions.

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BigCommerce provides online store creation, search engine optimization, hosting, and marketing and security to businesses of all sizes.

ViSenze enables BigCommerce Merchants to increase revenue by delivering exceptional experiences that make it easier for shoppers to discover products.

Leading Product Discovery Edge Technology


A scalable infrastructure supports storing and processing billions of product SKU data without sacrificing performance.


Search results are generated in less than 500 milliseconds.


QA teams give ViSenze a 90%+ satisfaction rate for search, match and similar results.


High availability and reliable service, averaging 99.96% uptime.