Search isn’t new. And that’s a problem !! For many shoppers today, product search feels more like Yellow Pages than TikTok. In a personalized shopping world, shoppers should be able to search for any products on any retail site in the most natural way they think about it

ViSenze Multi-Search uses key proprietary AI capabilities developed by us over the last decade and builds on them to deliver an integrated search capability that combines three components – product data optimization, keyword search, and image search.

  • Help your shoppers find what they want faster with AI-powered Multi-Search that unlocks more revenue
  • Convert instantly with industry-leading accurate visual search integrated with text search now
  • Create engaging eCommerce experiences that increase conversions
  • Make your entire catalog more searchable and shippable. Same SKUs, Better Search

Discover why leading eCommerce brands and retailers trust ViSenze to power search and recommendations and grow revenue.

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Integrates with leading ecommerce platforms

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