• January 22 2024

The AI Advantage: Retailers’ Holiday Success Partner

Holidays can be the most exhilarating time of the year for retailers. The festive season brings with it great sales, but with great sales also comes great responsibility. Truth be told, for an ecommerce retailer, the seasons don’t stop and the preparations should not either!

Consumers are on the lookout for seasonal attire during festive periods, placing a pressing demand on retailers to be ready ahead of time. In a first, reports indicate that this year’s holiday shoppers are beginning their purchases earlier than ever, showing an astonishing 450% increase in interest!

With these heightened demand levels, ecommerce retailers should naturally look at turning these shoppers into customers. The key to achieving this is by facilitating a seamless product discovery journey, which means that the quicker they find, the faster they buy.  This is where Visual AI and smart recommendations have a big role to play.


Tapping into the Seasonal/Holiday Vibes

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and others have become invaluable sources of inspiration for the everyday shopper, especially during the holiday season when they’re looking for the perfect outfit. Smart Visual Search can be extremely helpful in this case. Instead of laborious text-based searches, shoppers can now simply search using an uploaded image, streamlining the entire product discovery process. Imagine this: a shopper admires a fashion-forward look on their favorite celebrity, uses visual search, and voilà! They receive a curated selection of the most relevant fashion choices, turning their style aspirations into reality with ease.

Smart Recommendations is another application that will benefit retailers at this time. Through Shop the Look and Outfit Inspirations retailers are empowered to offer shoppers their ideal holiday outfits. This technology facilitates a personalized shopping journey tailored to the holiday season. It will ensure that each shopper’s experience aligns seamlessly with their holiday shopping objectives.

An additional aspect of Smart Recommendations is its ability to enable Visually Similar items. This feature proves especially beneficial during the holiday season when product availability can be a challenge. During holiday sales, popular items tend to be sold out. In such scenarios, Visually Similar comes to the rescue by presenting alternatives closely matching the original item in terms of style, color, or brand. The best part? It accomplishes all of this seamlessly on the same page, streamlining the shopping experience and eliminating the need for shoppers to start their search journey anew.

Thus, Visual Powered Product Discovery stands as a powerful tool for retailers to navigate, maximize, and make the most of this year’s pre-holiday season rush. If you want to dive deeper into marketing strategies for ecommerce during festive times, head over to our blog on – 6 Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Strategies to Learn from Mother’s and Father’s Day

Bite-Sized News: Updates from the World of AI & Retail

  • Trendsi’s Hopes from AI: Revolutionizing the US Fashion Distribution NetworkUS-based fashion supply chain leader Trendsi is now using AI to revolutionize the fashion distribution network in the US, achieving an impressive 18% reduction in average order costs. Their approach involves using AI to select logistics partners based on various factors to ensure timely deliveries and reduced freight expenses.
  • Lenskart Harnesses AI and the Korean Wave to Connect with Gen ZLenskart, the eyewear business, has unleashed its latest fashion endeavor with the introduction of the ‘K-Pop Collection’ under its Lenskart Studio brand. Leveraging AI, they have launched a fictional K-pop band to resonate with Gen Z shoppers and highlight their commitment to different youth subcultures.
  • Salesforce’s Latest Report Highlights the Impact of Generative AISalesforce’s annual ‘Connected Shoppers’ report reveals that Generative AI is rapidly reshaping the UK retail scene, with 93% of retailers increasing their AI investments. Additionally, 35% of UK shoppers expressed a strong interest in using Generative AI for product research and recommendations, emphasizing the demand for more personalized, efficient, and digitally driven shopping experiences.

Style Spotlight: Updates on the Fashion World

  • Spoyl: Flipkart’s Attempt to Connect with Gen ZThe ecommerce powerhouse, Flipkart, has recently launched Spoyl. This is an exciting in-app fashion destination specially tailored for the dynamic Gen Z. They will be introducing a unisex product navigation feature. Their attempt to appeal to this group through a fresh approach to shopping may even redefine the way products are discovered!
  • Brazil’s Plus-Size Movement Set to Take on Global Fashion TrendsBrazilian designers are on a mission to fill a long-neglected segment in the global market by offering stylish clothing options for people with larger bodies. This movement has garnered support from entrepreneurs, models, and passionate activists who are challenging an industry that has often stigmatized them and overlooked their needs. Their goal is not just to provide clothing, but also a fashion moment.

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