How to Unlock the Next Level of Personalization with Visual Recommendations? [eBook]

Retail Trends

Visual-based tools are an integral part of the ecommerce pillar. Discover how visual recommendations can enhance product suggestions by surfacing accurate and relevant recommendations to shoppers.

  • Challenges of traditional retail recommendation engines
  • Why Visual AI is a better way to provide recommendations
  • How complementary tools work
  • Session-based recommendations and their benefits

Why Recommendation Tools Are Important

Recommendation tools have been around for some time, but they continue to evolve. As they exist today, recommendations are far from their final form. Alongside ever-evolving technology and with no endgame in sight, visual-based tools are an integral part of the recommendations pillar today and in the future.

Visual AI Delivers Relevant Recommendations Consistently

Advanced computer vision technology is the future of ecommerce and product recommendations — and it’s a future that retailers will want to be part of. With Visual AI, retailers can show alternative products to consumers that are the most similar based on items that they’re actively looking at — from a visual perspective.

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Visual Recommendation