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At ViSenze, we empower the world’s leading retailers with advanced AI-powered solutions for product discovery. Imagine giving your customers a shopping experience so intuitive and personalized that it feels like magic. That’s what we do with our smart visual search technology, bespoke automated recommendations, and insightful analytics.

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What we’ve helped our customers achieve?

With Smart Recommendations

  • 30% Increase in CTR 
  • 35% Increase in Conversions 
  • 20% Uplift in Revenue Per Session

With Visual Search

  • 9X Faster than Text Search
  • 5X Increase in CVR
  • 30X ROI

How easy is it to achieve this with ViSenze?

  • Plug-and-play templates & widgets
  • Simple-to-use business rules
  • A/B test functionality