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Forbes: AI In E-Commerce -- Predictions For 2018


2017 welcomed big developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. For example, companies like Pinterest, Google and Bing launched visual search capabilities, Amazon invested heavily in voice-activated systems like Echo and Facebook leveraged AI to detect mental illness.

While AI has worked its way into countless sectors bringing changes to our everyday lives, the online retail industry, in particular, has been significantly transformed by the adoption of these new capabilities.

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Pagan Research: ViSenze recognized as one of the best Singapore startups


ViSenze is an artificial intelligence startup that develops advanced visual search and image recognition solutions to help businesses in eCommerce, mCommerce and online advertising. Using R&D in machine learning and computer vision technology, ViSenze can recommend visually similar items to online shoppers, .. Read More

SPH Magazines Launches Snappar, a Visual Search and Shopping Application Powered by ViSenze


SINGAPORE - December 20, 2017 - SPH Magazines Pte Ltd, (SPH Magazines), today announced the launch of Snappar, a mobile application for visual search and shopping powered by artificial intelligence company, ViSenze. Leveraging ViSenze’s AI powered Visual Commerce Platform, Snappar streamlines mobile shopping by making desired products easily searchable and available for purchase.

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ViSenze Brings Visual Commerce to Social Media and Instant Messaging Platforms, Chatbots, and More With Expanded Visual Search Offerings


NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ViSenze, the artificial intelligence company powering visual commerce, today announced the expansion of its Visual Commerce Platform, bringing the power of image recognition and visual search to partners outside of ecommerce. The platform can be easily integrated into a wide array of applications, including smartphone cameras, instant messaging channels, social media platforms, and more. The expansion creates a new avenue for monetization as partners can connect images to products sold online, increasing purchase opportunities and overall spend. Read More

Silicon Republic: 15 Super Singapore Start-ups To Watch In 2018


Singapore is the gateway to Asia’s bustling technology and financial scene, and home to a diverse and ambitious entrepreneurial community. A prime business destination, the Singapore economy is highly diversified but its biggest areas of growth are in finance, technology and telecoms. It is the chosen home of Facebook co-founder and billionaire Eduardo Saverin, and it boasts an eclectic array of start-up hubs, accelerators, meet-ups and venture capitalists.

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Forbes: AI Will Unlock The Value Of Mobile Images


Society is highly dependent on mobile devices, opening up many doors for retailers and brands to capitalize on the data their use offers. Consumers in the U.S. now spend an average of five hours a day on mobile devices, and advertisers are spending more than $70 billion in mobile advertising in order to reach them. Social media certainly plays one of the largest roleson mobile today, with about 2.5 billion people active on social platforms uploading and sharing images and videos daily.

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ABI Research Names ViSenze As A Hot Tech Innovator In Retail


Global retail is on a steady growth rate of +3-4% this year. This includes brick and mortar retail as well as E-commerce. E-commerce although only 8-10% of total retail is driving the overall growth for the industry. The E-commerce share will continue to rise and we expect it to reach 25% by 2025. Technology is driving these growth rates and making the shopping experience easier and quicker.  Read More

Singtel MyBusiness: How ViSenze brought Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the e-commerce market


Recent research by Google and state investor Temasek Holdings predicts that the value of e-commerce in Southeast Asia will rise from US$5.5 billion in 2015 to US$88 billion by 2025. Against this backdrop, being innovative in the e-commerce space makes perfect sense. Founded in 2012, Singaporean startup ViSenze does just that. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology – widely used in the transport, service and military sectors – to boost sales on e-commerce websites

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Inside Retail: Zalora Group offers visual search on apps


Online fashion destination Zalora Group has launched a visual search feature on its Android and iOS mobile apps. By clicking the search button, users can take a photo of their favourite clothing item or accessory and instantly see similar products available on the online fashion destination. It is a result of a partnership with artificial-intelligence company ViSenze, which specialises in visual commerce. 

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Marketsandmarkets Recognizes ViSenze As A Top AI Vendor In New Report


Among the technologies, the machine learning and deep learning segment is expected to have the largest market share during the forecast period. Organizations in the retail industry are using the machine learning and deep learning technology to offer a more personalized experience to the end-users as well as to provide an interactive environment to them. Furthermore, the rising technology adoption can be attributed to the need for streamlining retail operations, minimizing efforts, and increasing revenue for retailers. Read More

Straits Times: 10 Innovators, Disrupters Honoured


Ten leading innovators and disrupters were honoured in The Peak magazine's Power List 2017 at the Grand Hyatt Singapore last night. Change was the theme of the night, and those honoured included Mr Wong Joo Seng, founder and chief executive officer of Spark Systems - a next-generation forex trading platform enabling faster and cheaper transactions - and scientist Rosemary Tan, who rolled out the world's first diagnostic kit capable of identifying seven tropical diseases from one blood sample.

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Oliver Tan, ViSenze CEO And Co-Founder Included In The Peak's 2017 Power List


In a scene from Minority Report, AI-powered billboards greet Tom Cruise’s character and pitch products to him as he walks past them. As he enters a clothing store, a bot recalls his purchase history and recommends similar pieces. While talking posters are not yet a reality, some semblance of such intuitive targeted advertising is already in motion. But few are aware that a Singapore start-up is behind this cutting-edge technology. Read More

MarketingDive: Facebook tops Pinterest, Instagram for last-click social commerce


The notion of social commerce is still relatively new for many marketers, but more platforms are expanding their capabilities to lessen the amount of friction between seeing an ad and buying something online. Last year, Facebook rolled out a person-to-person shopping feature called Marketplace, which pairs a user's location data with their interests to serve up potentially relevant products. Users can then purchase directly in-app, creating a more seamless experience, and the service was highlighted in the eMarketer report. Read More

10 Singapore Companies Also Located In The US That Are Making America Great Again


In October 2017, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s working visit to the US received a rousing reception from President Trump and international attention for his views on America’s relationship with China. At their working luncheon, they announced SIA’s massive US$13.8 billion deal, which involved the purchase of 39 Boeing aircrafts. This massive deal bumped Singapore up the list and made us America’s 2nd largest Asian investor. Read More

ViSenze awarded second prize at the Asia Entrepreneurship Awards Japan


ViSenze won the 2nd prize at the Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2017 organised by the University of Tokyo and Mitsui Fudosan. The annual event for which ViSenze was nominated by National University of Singapore to represent Singapore saw 21 amazing startups from different countries in Asia. ViSenze also took the Audience Award, which was polled by audience for the best presenter.

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1. How are you looking to fundamentally change the online shopping experience for both consumers and retailers through ViSenze?

Visenze’s mission is simple. We want to simplify the way people discover the visual world with a clear philosophy: “Search not by keyword but by image.” By this, we mean revolutionizing search not by processing standard metadata, but by processing pixels, images, frames and videos and extracting all of this intelligence to help shoppers find things that they want.

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TechInAsia: ViSenze selected as part of Unilever Foundry in Singapore


Unilever announced today that 30 startups will join its Foundry program in Singapore. The companies are in different stages in their growth, not just early-stage, and come from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and even Europe and the US. They were chosen because they operate in sectors that Unilever deems promising for the future. The sectors are retail, media and advertising, brand and content innovation, data insights and personalization, and sustainability and social impact.

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Online Sports Retailing Market and Artificial Intelligence in Retail Market Projected to Witness a Ecological Development over 2022


“Global Online Sports Retailing Industry Size, Status and Forecast 2022” and “Global Artificial Intelligence in Retail Industry Size, Status and Forecast 2022” provides, wherever applicable and relevant, technical data of products, and sheds useful light on expected commercial production dates and current R&D status. This report will help the viewer in Better Decision Making. Read More

Research and Markets: Artificial Intelligence in Retail Market by Type


The global AI in retail market size is expected to grow from USD 993.6 million in 2017 to USD 5,034.0 million by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 38.3%. Increasing necessity for superior surveillance and monitoring at a physical store, growing awareness and application of AI in the retail industry, enhanced user-experience, improved productivity, Return on Investment (RoI), mainlining inventory accuracy, and supply chain optimization are some of the key factors fueling the growth of this market.  Read More

Business Insider: Facebook ranks highest for buying influence


Facebook was ranked as the most inspiring platform for a buying decision, according to a new study by ViSenze. Pinterest and Instagram followed Facebook, taking the No. 2 and 3 spots, respectively. The report also found that consumers use social media frequently, with 44% of respondents using social media more than five times a day. Moreover, this use is translating into purchases; the report found that one-third of purchases begin on social media each month.

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Yahoo: 10 cool Artificial Intelligence startups in Asia that you should know


What will happen if Artificial Intelligence overpowers human intelligence? The answer to this question lies in how and where we use it. AI, whose full potential of is yet to be uncovered, is a double-edged sword: you can use it to improve the lives of the mankind while at the same time misuse it to unleash disaster on the world. Noted scientists like Stephen Hawking and geeks like Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and Bill Gates have already warned us of the risks posed by AI. But it seems there is no immediate threat in sight.

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eMarketer: What has been the effect of the visual web on ecommerce?


What has been the effect of the visual web on ecommerce? A recent survey of US consumers by ViSenze found that 75% were driven to purchase by images or video content online. The poll also found nearly half of consumers had viewed video content on a retailer site at some point during the path to purchase.  Read More

New Research from ViSenze Finds Three in Four Consumers Are Inspired to Make Purchases by Image and Video Content Seen Across Retail and Social Media Sites


NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ViSenze, the artificial intelligence company powering visual commerce, today announced the findings from its recent study analyzing how content across the visual web drives online shoppers to engage and purchase products. For this study, 2017 Visual Commerce Report: Retail, ViSenze surveyed over 1,000 people in the U.S. over the age of 18. Read More

ViSenze Awarded Accreditation From IMDA Singapore


Artificial Intelligence pioneer, ViSenze is now officially IMDA accredited. The accreditation program, originally launched in July 2014, identifies promising and innovative Singapore based technology companies who exhibit high growth. The accreditation helps establish credentials and position accredited companies as qualified contenders to government and large enterprise buyers.

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Huffington Post: The Hidden Market For Impulse Buying


Time and place are vital to attracting customers, but often that window is incredibly short. Gum sales are down nearly 20% in the last two years. Why? Because when we’re in line at the grocery store, we’re looking at our phone and not at the impulse buy opportunities around us. Or better yet, we’re having our groceries delivered. But as old opportunities fade, new opportunities are created. Customers are on their phone, everywhere, always. The new source of impulse buys is now mobile.

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IT Biz Advisor: Innovative Technology Enhances In-Store Experiences for Retailers

20-Sep -2017

The retail sector is struggling, and Wall Street has been betting against it. According to CNN Money, investors are shorting 15.6 percent of the retail stocks they purchase. They’re buying them, immediately selling them back and repurchasing them at lower prices. Some major retailers have lost as much as 90 percent of their market value over the past two to five years. Others are rethinking their brick-and-mortar footprints as online competitors — and sometimes their own online selling efforts — eat into in-store sales. Read More

CNBC: Using images as search queries the next online shopping step


In this interview with CNBC Squawk Box, Oliver Tan, ViSenze CEO and Co-Founder, explains how using images instead of keywords in online shopping helps consumers find products they are already inspired to buy, and leading online retailers such as Rakuten, Uniqlo and many more already provide this capability to shoppers by using ViSenze. Read More

Forbes: The Great Divide: Bridging Taxonomy To Deliver A Better UX


The internet enabled the search, discovery and purchase of products like never before. With a few taps of the keyboard, consumers were able to find practically anything (the stylish bag they admired on a stranger during their morning coffee run, a new accessory donned by their favorite Instagrammer, etc.). But as traditional search became de rigueur, time and accuracy emerged as new consumer demands. They didn’t just want to find what they sought; they wanted to find exactly what they were looking for right at that precise moment.

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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies to Look Out For


This visually-based artificial intelligence learns to recognize things that look similar to one another. In practical terms, it allows consumers on retail sites to compare features and prices of similar items, find alternatives for out-of-stock and unavailable items, and find items similar to those they see used by social media influencers. ViSenze can also automatically tag images. Read More

MCM: User-Generated Content Takes Visual Commerce Mainstream


The internet today looks nothing like what it did at inception thirty years ago; now, it’s a visually-fueled, mobile community of billions of people interacting with one another, sharing information about themselves and their opinions, and distributing content near and far. Social media platforms represent an inflection point in the internet’s evolution. 

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Forbes: How AI Can Improve The Customer Experience


Retailers’ No. 1 priority is providing customers with a good experience. And to do so, they’re constantly finding new ways to communicate with customers. These channels -- from social to email to chatbots -- are what ensure e-commerce remains more convenient, accessible and inspirational than traditional, in-store shopping. However, the technological aspect also removes face-to-face interactions, making it harder for brands to build deeper customer relationships upon which many well-known retailers were built. Read More

Interbrand brandchannel: Visual Search: 5 Questions With Oliver Tan


Combining AI and machine learning with computer vision, a number of innovative tech startups are creating and using new visual search solutions. ViSenze is one such company, and a leader in the category. Recently named a 2017 Interbrand Breakthrough Brand, we had the opportunity to ask ViSenze Co-Founder and CEO Oliver Tan (right) about how the company is solving consumer problems and more.

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Fibre2Fashion: Visual commerce enriches customer's buying experience


Being able to view the object while shopping online is extremely important for shoppers, and visual cues help them experience the product better. According to a recent study by Deloitte, 2.5 trillion images were shared in 2016. Online retailers today understand this trend as well as the limitations of text-based search; hence, visual commerce is becoming essential. Visual commerce can be a platform for multiple things. Read More

ViSenze wins inaugural leading HR practices award from Singapore HR Institute


ViSenze received the inaugural Leading HR Practices Award in Compensation and Benefits (Start-Up Category) from Singapore HR Institute (SHRI). The award is conferred on companies that have achieved industry leading practices in their HR and people management function. ViSenze's Total Rewards approach to Compensation and Benefits is recognized as a differentiator in the start-up space. Read More

Forbes: Google I/O aftermath - Which Technologies Are Generating The Most Excitement?


Last month, during the Google I/O 2017 event, Google talked about the new technologies it is working to develop, including a standalone VR system, Android integration into cars and enhancements to Gmail. One of the particularly exciting developments is Google's focus on AI. The company intends to create a shared platform for development, as well as tap into neural networks in order to iterate AI systems faster. Read More

ViSenze wins AI innovation award at CogX London 2017


ViSenze has won the best AI product in retail award at the inaugural AI Innovation Awards. The awards were founded by CognitionX, Market Intelligence for All Things AI, and recognise the best use of AI in specific industry sectors and technology domains, as well as applications in Social Good, Public Services and Ethics Leadership. The AI Innovation Awards were judged by a panel of experts from the advisory board of CognitionX, with entrants evaluated on their product idea, the team and the long term sustainable advantage of the product. Read More

Adweek: How social media contributed to the rise of fast fashion


When you look at how social media is a part of our lives today, it’s hard to recall life without it. Everywhere you go, someone around you is on their phone engaging with some sort of social platform. And while some people use social media to share content, some people just use social media to see what their friends are doing.

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Lighting & Decor: How visual search is changing retail


Sometimes, words fail us. Sometimes, they can’t fully contain what we want them to. This is especially true when it comes to online shopping — searching “polyester grey rug with abstract pattern and turquoise and yellow accents” might turn up some results, but will only get a customer so far. Enter visual search technology, which allows consumers to shop for items using images rather than text. We talked to visual search experts to find out more about its applications and implications for the future of retail. Here’s what you should know.

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VideoInk: Monetizing Video Puts More Food on the Table for Publishers


The table is set for publishers to derive new revenue from popular content formats and now it’s time to sit down and eat. What’s for dinner? Video. Why now? What has changed? Three trends are converging that make video content a potent opportunity: One, video content is quickly growing in popularity with consumers; two, consumers are buying more products online than ever before; and three.. Read More

eMarketer: ViSenze featured in Visual Commerce 2017 Report


Ecommerce is increasingly conducted using images, videos and augmented reality. This trend partly results from changing consumer behavior on mobile—where users prefer visual communication and visual media platforms—and improvements in computer vision driven by artificial intelligence. Read More

Interbrand names ViSenze as a 2017 Breakthrough brand

25 May 2017

Singapore’s ViSenze is like having a friend who can recommend the perfect item of clothing by looking over your shoulder while you browse. Using machine learning and computer vision technology, ViSenze can show you things you’re guaranteed to like—whether you’re browsing a store’s website or doing some virtual window shopping on social. Read More

YourStory: Is ‘visual commerce’ the future of e-commerce?


While e-commerce has brought about a paradigm shift in the way people shop for products, from browsing at offline bazaars to scrolling on online marketplaces, consumers are now overburdened with sifting through large amounts of products on different e-commerce platforms. Finding the specific product one is looking for is a complex process and could be as challenging as searching for a needle in a haystack. Read More

Analytics Magazine: 10 leading analytics solution providers in Singapore


Singapore’s government agencies are increasingly investing in data, infrastructure, and big data talents. Of late, the island country also undertook an initiative to form a consortium of researchers and think tanks to become the world’s first Smart Nation.  The move will improve the adoption of analytics in the country, and help the country transform public sectors such as transport, health, business productivity among other areas. Read More

New AI and data science initiatives to solve Singapore's grand challenges

4 May 2017

Artificial intelligence is the trending tech topic of the year and Singapore’s government doesn’t want to miss out. That’s the motivation behind AI.SG, a new initiative announced during the Innovfest Unbound conference by minister for communications and information, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim. It aims to bring together government agencies, universities and institutes, investors, industry people, and startups to advance AI research, development, and practical use in Singapore. Read More

Disruption: How to deal with it and is it really that disruptive?

2 May 2017

The Business Times posed four questions on disruption - a phenomenon through which new technologies can create economic displacement or opportunities for new economic sectors to emerge - to five industry leaders Read More

How Does A Machine Learn?

2 May 2017

The idea of machine learning sounds like a science fiction thriller or action movie where a computer takes over the world. It rarely goes well for the humans (remember I, Robot?). Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence, and if you ask a computer scientist, you will get a highly technical answer that involves algorithms, pixels and both supervised and unsupervised learning. Read More

End of Keywords, Enter Visual Search

1 May 2017

After years of R&D in artificial intelligence and machine learning by technology innovators, the first deployments of visual search are going live. And as applications of machine learning are growing more mature, fashion retailers are among the first to profit. Why now? Read More

Plugging into a Thriving Start-up Community

17 April 2017

The Business Times posed four questions on disruption - a phenomenon through which new technologies can create economic displacement or opportunities for new economic sectors to emerge - to five industry leaders Read More

How This Team Of Researchers And Engineers Are Bringing The Future Of Shopping To Life

20 April 2017

Many companies are working hard to help ease our transition from offline to online shopping. Singapore-based ViSenze, which builds visual search and image recognition software, is one of them. And they're making serious waves - some of their biggest clients include Uniqlo, Rakuten, Asos, and Lazada. Read More

Find Your Favorite Outfit on TV With a Click

15 March 2017

Have you ever been watching a show, seen a great outfit, and wished you knew where to buy it? ViSenze is making sure you never have that problem again. The company's A.I. platform analyzes images and videos, recognizes relevant products, and offers links to websites where they can be purchased. Oliver Tan, co-founder and CEO of ViSenze, discusses how computer vision techniques are being used to help upgrade your wardrobe. He speaks with Bloomberg North's Anthony Lacavera. Read More

PatSnap unveils its R&D center in Singapore to enhance its online platform

07 March 2017

PatSnap, an intellectual property (IP) startup which has its presence in Singapore, London, and China, has announced the launch of its new Research and Development center. Read More

ViSenze Releases Visual Commerce Platform for Digital Content Publishers and Brands

07 March 2017

NEW YORK - (BUSINESS WIRE) - ViSenze, the artificial intelligence company that develops breakthrough visual technology for e-commerce and digital businesses, today announced the availability of its Visual Commerce Platform. The solution, powered by the company’s proven visual intelligence technology, enables publishers to monetize their editorial image and video content while preserving the user experience. Read More

PatSnap launches R&D center in Singapore to boost patent intelligence tech

7 March 2017

Intellectual property (IP) intelligence startup PatSnap  is leveling up its Singapore presence with a new research and development center in 2017. The company first mentioned the center last November, when it raised an undisclosed amount of funding for its series C. Today it has made it official. Read More

1 in 3 Retail E-Commerce Transactions Involves 2 or More Devices

06 March 2017

Almost one-third of e-commerce transactions made during Q4 2016 used 2 or more devices from the first website visit to purchase, reports Criteo [download page], which analyzed more than 3,300 global online retail businesses. Regardless of the device that was used to complete a purchase, roughly one-third of transactions involved two or more devices. Read More

New Data Shows Importance of Artificial Intelligence for Better Shopping Experiences

22 February 2017

NEW YORK - ( BUSINESS WIRE ) - ViSenze , the artificial intelligence company that develops breakthrough visual technology for e-commerce and digital businesses, today released data on the rising demand for visual search and discovery capabilities. In 2016, ViSenze processed over 350 million image queries on shopping platforms around the globe - a 250 percent increase over 2015. This means nearly one million queries a day were generated by shoppers on shopping platforms around the world. Read More

ViSenze Sees Visual Search Growth In eCommerce

23 February 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important for eCommerce companies, according to new data from ViSenze. AI technology startup ViSenze creates digital image search solutions built on deep learning and computer vision capabilities. Founded in Singapore in 2012, the company’s solutions are used today by major digital retailers such as Rakuten and ASOS to simplify product searching for some 250 million daily active users. Read More

New Data Shows Importance of Artificial Intelligence for Better Shopping Experiences

16 February 2017

NEW YORK - ( BUSINESS WIRE ) - ViSenze , the artificial intelligence company that develops breakthrough visual technology for e-commerce and digital businesses, today released data on the rising demand for visual search and discovery capabilities. In 2016, ViSenze processed over 350 million image queries on shopping platforms around the globe - a 250 percent increase over 2015. This means nearly one million queries a day were generated by shoppers on shopping platforms around the world. Read More

10 Singapore tech startups to watch in 2017

30 January 2017

In an interview with Techseen , an investor had mentioned that the Singapore government is currently the largest supporter and enabler of the startup ecosystem. The country is rated No 1 globally in terms of ease of doing business, as well as No 1 in IP protection in Asia. The government is also the largest investor in the startup ecosystem as it provides numerous grants, direct and early stage fund investments through its National Research Foundation (NRF) (a department within the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore). With numerous startups progressively taking forward their businesses in Singapore, we bring you the 10 that you should watch in 2017 Read More

5 deep learning startups to follow in 2017

1 January 2017

If artificial intelligence (AI) hadn’t hit the mainstream before, it did this year. Google chief executive Sundar Pichai came through with the best sound bite, saying that the world is going from being “mobile-first” to “AI-first.” Read More

Outlook 2017: Five Singapore start-ups to watch

30 December 2016

Start-ups come and go, but a rare few manage to raise funds, scale up and could eventually become household names. Economics Correspondent Chia Yan Min identifies five under-the-radar young firms that you could be hearing a lot more about in the coming year. Read More

Don't you look smart: 45 Artificial Intelligence startups targeting retail in one infographic

21 September 2016

AI isn't all self-driving cars and chess-playing computers; there's an emerging market for AI use in e-commerce. Find out more with this infographic showing the wide array of AI startups focused on retailers and e-commerce businesses. Read More

Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies

20 September 2016

Artificial intelligence companies are sprouting up all over, though AI itself is far from new. At its deepest sense, artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for a very long time — its intellectual roots are found in Greek mythology . To be sure, artificial intelligence has come a long way recently, with rapid advancements ranging from virtual assistants (such as Apple’s Siri) to fraud detection, this emerging tech now plays a part in everyday life. Read More

15 Startups in Asia that caught our eye

18 September 2016

Here's Tech in Asia's newest round of the featured startups on their site this week. It includes ViSenze and Zebpay from Singapore, Notion Press from India, Zennya from the Philippines, and more. Read More

ViSenze, The Global Leader For AI Powered Visual Shopping, Raises USD 10.5 Million In Series B Funding

15 September 2016

ViSenze, the Artificial Intelligence company that develops breakthrough visual technology for e-commerce and digital businesses, announced today that it has successfully completed a USD 10.5 million Series B round. The financing will be used to invest further in the company’s proprietary image recognition technology, expand headcount and grow its international offices.

The funding was led by Rakuten Ventures, the venture capital arm of Internet giant Rakuten, and 2 co-lead investors: WI Harper Group - a leader in cross-border investment between United States and China, and Enspire Capital – a venture capital firm that focuses on early stage technology startups in United States and Asia.

Other participating investors include SPH Media Fund, the investment arm of media company - Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), FengHe Fund Management - an Asian alternative asset management firm founded by Alibaba ex-CTO John Wu, Raffles Venture Partners, Phillip Private Equity, and UOB Venture Management.
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Elevating online shopping experiences through machine learning

5 September 2016

Image recognition technology has been used by e-commerce businesses to elevate customer experiences. ViSenze, one of the technology firms applying visual anaytics and machine learning, has provided customer personalization solutions for the industry. Read More

Artificial Intelligence: Shaking things up in e-commerce

27 August 2016

Inspired by the growing trend on how AI capabilities and applications are attempting to solve real-world issues that e-commerce businesses are facing, this infographice mentions AI features that can help companies build unparalleled competitiveness in the market. Read More

Singapore's startup scene a big draw for wannabe China entrepreneurs

1 July 2016

ViSenze CTO and Co-Founder Li Guangda, who came to Singapore and earned his PhD at NUS, shares with Channel News Asia his take on building his own startup rather than joining big companies. Read More

ViSenze: Changing how the world shops online with image search

6 June 2016

Touted as one of the most promising tech startups in Asia, ViSenze has bagged several top accolades to date for its enterprising and innovative work in the field of search technology. In this article by IE Singapore, Oliver Tan, CEO and Co-Founder of ViSenze, shares the secrets to its success. Read More

'Shoppable Instagram' raises $1.6m seed round

19 May 2016

Goxip, an app that lets users follow celebrities and then helps identify the clothing and accessories they are wearing, has secured US$1.6m in its seed round. With money in the bank, the team enlisted the help of Singaporean startup ViSenze to help with the machine learning and image recognition that help powers Goxip's discovery mechanism. Read More

Ladies, break the gender stereotype in software engineering!

12 April 2016

The figures on female representation in engineering are clear and disconcerting. To explore and shed light on the topic of gender disparity in the field of software engineering, a number of software engineers in visual tech company ViSenze (both male and female) gave their inputs and spoke about their experiences in this male-dominated industry. Read More

What is deep learning and how is it useful?

1 April 2016

In this article published on Forbes, the writer explores the potential uses of deep learning for real-world applications. ViSenze, one of the companies that are doing interesting things with deep learning systems, develops commercial applications that use deep learning networks to power image recognition and tagging. Read More

Is this year the internet finally learns to see?

14 March 2016

The web has become increasingly visual, and tech has not fully kept up: the internet can read, but it can't see. In 2016, that will change. Oliver Tan, Co-Founder and CEO of ViSenze, covers the impressive strides and improvements in image recognition and visual search technology in this article. Read More

MasterCard invites APAC startups to join Start Path programme

11 March 2016

The MasterCard Start Path Global programme has seen success in the Asia Pacific region and is intensifying its search regionally as a continuing reminder of the innovation potential of the area. Currently, the program is working closely with startups such as Japan-based Moneytree and ViSenze from Singapore. Read More

Bloomberg and Samsung among the corporates betting big on AI startups

12 February 2016

VC-backed artificial intelligence startups, which have seen a sevenfold increase in funding since 2010, have also seen corporations take a greater interest. More than 45 corporations and corporate venture capital firms have invested in artificial intelligence startups since 2010. The venture captial arm of Japan's internet services company, Rakuten, invested in visual technology startup ViSenze and Seattle-based Algorithmia. Read More

Why Flipkart, Craftsvilla and others are banking big on image search

8 February 2016

More and more e-commerce and fashion sites are introducing visual or image search. Flipkart introduced the feature last year - powered by Singapore-based visual technology company ViSenze - and Abof, the online fashion portal of the Aditya Birla Group, moved into this territory recently. Online marketplace for ethnic products, Craftsvilla, and fashion e-portal Myntra are also working to get this feature in their apps soon. Read More

ViSenze brings visual search to a whole new level with breakthrough technology that intelligently detects and identifies objects in images

28 January 2016

A pioneer in machine intelligence, ViSenze has launched the most advanced SaaS visual search technology by enhancing it with a new Automatic Object Recognition feature. It enables detection and classification of products in images, making the process of searching using images easier and faster for end consumers. Read More

Rakuten Ventures launches $84M fund just for Japanese startups

28 January 2016

Rakuten Ventures, the investment arm of one of Japan's largest Internet companies, has launched a 10 billion yen ($84 million) fund dedicated to the country's startups. Since its inception in 2013, Rakuten Ventures invested in startups from Singapore (such as ViSenze), South Korea, the United States, and India. ViSenze, whose clients include Flipkart, contributes to Rakuten Ventures' existing diverse portfolio in  deep and beneficial ways. Read More

Visual search start-ups are getting vital in e-commerce

27 January 2016

Visual search start-ups help companies enable their users to discover products online, based on photos of objects in the real world. With e-commerce booming in India, Singapore-based ViSenze, whose visual search offering is used by companies like Flipkart, helps their users with product browsing and discovery. Read More

Search and you will find

25 January 2016

Singapore-based start-up ViSenze has devised a solution through its visual search and recognition technology that understands objects to find the best matching products on online shopping websites. Its technology takes away the hassle of keyword guessing to solve this difficult real world problem for e-commerce shoppers. Read More

The story behind the attractive images of Flipkart’s catalogue

15 January 2016

A leading e-commerce platform in India, Flipkart uses bright, colorful images to personalize a customer experience. Consumers no longe have to go through hundreds of images to find exactly what they want. Just upload a picture of the product and it will be retrieved from the Flipkart's database, thanks to visual technology provider ViSenze. Read More

Visual search just got smarter: Introducing our Automatic Object Recognition feature

12 January 2016

The visual search experience has gotten even more streamlined, intuitive and easier. With our newly launched Automatic Object Recognition feature, end users no longer have to crop an image query to focus on an item within the image, or manually select the product category in which to search. Read More

GuangDa Li, Co-Founder and CTO - ViSenze on enabling search without keywords

4 January 2016

ViSenze Co-Founder and CTO GuangDa Li shares his entrepreneurial journey and experience in building ViSenze from the ground up in this interview. Read More

ViSenze partners with online jewelry store BlueStone to launch visual search on platform

23 December 2015

BlueStone, a jewelry e-commerce platform based in Bangalore, has rolled out the Find Similar function on their webstore, powered by ViSenze visual technology, to improve product discovery experiences for their users. Read More

Google Cloud Vision API and its impact on the image recognition industry

4 December 2015

Following Google's launch of its Cloud Vision API, Kaptur magazine interviews Guangda Li, Co-Founder and CTO at ViSenze, to find out more about its effects on the image recognition industry. Read More

ViSenze takes Gold Award at the 4th ASEAN ICT Awards 2015

3 December 2015

ViSenze, a pioneer in visual search and image recognition technology, took the coveted Gold Award (Private Sector category) at the ASEAN ICT Awards (AICTA) 2015 ceremony held on 26 November 2015 in Danang city, Vietnam. Read More

Speech by Ms Low Yen Ling, Parliamentary Secretary, Minister of Trade & Industry, at the launch of TechSG

26 November 2015

At the launch of TechSG, Parl Sec Low Yen Ling spoke about entrepreneurship in Singapore, building a vibrant ecosystem, and creating opportunities for Singapore start-ups to collaborate with MNCs - specifically mentioning the joint collaboration between ViSenze and Rakuten Taiwan. Read More

ViSenze announces strategic expansion into the US with new office and key hires

25 November 2015

ViSenze, a leading machine intelligence company offering visual search and image recognition solutions, has established a presence in San Francisco and made key appointments on both the East and West coasts to lead sales and customer service efforts in North America. Read More

Retailer gets help from start-ups to manage sales and inventory

4 November 2015

This initiative is part of a DBS Bank program that connects small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups with experts in various fields. ViSenze has been challenged to come up with a solution for Chateau de Sable, a fast-growing Singapore children's clothing label that has problems with inventory and data management. Read More

ViSenze Chief Scientist wins prestigious ACM SIGMM Award

30 October 2015

The prestigious ACM Special Interest Group on Multimedia (SIGMM) award for Outstanding Technical Contributions to Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications is given in recognition of Prof. Chua Tat-Seng's pioneering contributions to the field. Read More

I am Guangda, CTO of ViSenze, Ask Me Anything

29 October 2015

Our CTO and Co-Founder, Guangda, hosted a Reddit AMA session on deep learning and computer vision for developing visual search and image recognition technology. Read More

Lost and Founded Series - Oliver Tan

22 October 2015

In this interview with DBS BusinessClass for their Lost & Founded: Untold Entrepreneur Stories, Oliver Tan, Co-Founder and CEO of ViSenze, believes that it doesn't matter if you're a predator or the prey, you just got to keep running. Read More

ViSenze partners with social shopping platform Comb to launch visual search on mobile app

10 October 2015

Comb, a social shopping platform curated by a global community, started rolling out mobile visual search powered by ViSenze to improve product search and discovery experiences on their mobile app. Read More

ViSenze wins Most Promising Startup Award at Emerging Enterprise 2015

25 September 2015

With heavy R&D in machine intelligence and new business milestones like acquiring e-commerce giant Flipkart as customer and launching automated product tagging, ViSenze was awarded as Most Promising Startup at the Emerging Enterprise 2015 Gala Dinner held in Singapore. Read More

ViSenze partners with Lazada to bring visual search technology to consumer marketplace app

20 August 2015

Founded by Rocket Internet in 2011 with the goal of being "the of Southeast Asia", Lazada started rolling out visual search, powered by ViSenze on its mobile app. Lazada also uses ViSenze's image recognition technology to carry out attribute extration and product tagging. Read More

ViSenze at eTail East: Transforming retail with innovation

13 August 2015

We at ViSenze are excited to be able to contribute to conversations on technological innovations that can greatly improve the retail experience for consumers, how to personalize the customer journey, online marketing and many more at eTail East, held in Boston from 10-13 August 2015. Read More

ViSenze partners with Flipkart to bring image search to mobile shoppers in India

2 July 2015

India's largest online marketplace, Flipkart, started rolling out image search on its mobile app to revolutionize the shopping experience, using ViSenze technology for visual search and image recognition. Read More

ViSenze opens up free trial and demo to the public

1 July 2015

ViSenze now allows public access to its visual search technology via free trial accounts and its demo page. Anyone can sign up for an account to test and asses the technology on their own image database. Read More

Making visual search a fashionable way to look for products

25 June 2015

ViSenze CEO and Co-Founder Oliver Tan demonstrates and explains how visual search works better, faster, and is more efficient than using keywords while looking for fashionwear online. Read More

ViSenze's Chief Scientist gives keynote speech at ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval

25 June 2015

In a keynote speech that took place at the ACM Internationl Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR 2015) in Shanghai earlier on this year, one of our Co-Founders, Professor Chua Tat-Seng, shared his thoughts on using multimedia retrieval to tackle real-life problems. Read More

ViSenze's CEO Oliver Tan shares his thoughts on e-commerce in SEA at Echelon 2015

16 June 2015

At the Echelon Asia Summit 2015, tech leaders spoke on a panel exploring the evolution of e-commerce, the opportunities and challenges in Southeast Asia, key trends and innovations and much more. Read More

ViSenze participates in CommunicAsia 2015, conducts "The Dress Challenge" experiment

2 June 2015

Besides presenting our visual technological solutions that will propel Singapore towards its Smart National goal, we challenged visitors to find a dress using keywords search vs. visual search during this event. Read More

10 Questions to a founder: ViSenze

11 May 2015

By answering two questions – what is in the image and where can I buy it- Singapore-based ViSenze, a spin-off company of the National University of Singapore, wants to add value to shoppers. While not the only company trailblazing in that space, it is certainly one of the most interesting and promising. Read More

ViSenze showcases innovative visual technology at InnovFest Unbound 2015

29 April 2015

InnovFest Unbound is Asia's most exciting innovation conference connecting entrepreneurs and influencers from Asia with their global counterparts. The two day innovation festival connects brands and global corporations with disruptive technology and creative insights to fuel innovation and growth. Read More

ViSenze named amongst Singapore's 20 hottest startups 2015 by Singapore Business Review

20 March 2015

For the fourth consecutive year, Singapore Business Review brings you 20 of the city's hottest startups worth watching over the next months. ViSenze, among others, have made this list. Read More

ViSenze with other cool startups at SXSW 2015, showcasing Singapore's best innovations

12 March 2015

ViSenze is one of the thirteen quality, innovation-driven Singapore-based tech start-ups that Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd (IIPL), the venture capital arm of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), is leading to represent Singapore at the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Trade Show in Austin, Texas from 15-18 March this year. Read More

ViSenze contributes API in the Smart Nation Hackathon Event

12 March 2015

ViSenze is excited to be opening up our APIs at the Smart Nation API coLAB, organized jointly by Padang & Co and DEXTRA. Read More

Singapore startups stretching their wings in the US

9 March 2015

Singapore startups looking for a place to call their home while still having the opportunity to venture into the US market can do so now at the Blk 71 San Francisco. ViSenze leads the way by setting up a base in the Bay Area in the next few months. Read More

A milestone year for Singapore's ViSenze

28 November 2014

It’s turning out to be a good year for ViSenze, a visual recognition solutions startup founded in Singapore as a technology spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2012. Read More

ViSenze wins prestigious National Infocomm Award 2014

24 November 2014

ViSenze is named a winner for the Category of Most Innovative Infocomm Product/Solution for its visual search technology, which is evaluated based on the product's innovativeness, use of advanced technology, ease of use, market presence, business impact and relevance to Singapore's Smart Nation vision. Read More

ViSenze wins 2014 Red Herring Top 100 Global Award

24 November 2014

ViSenze has been selected as a winner for Red Herring 2014 Top 100 Global award, a prestigious recognition honoring the year's most audacious and far-reaching private technology companies and entrepreneurs from across the globe. Read More

ViSenze's CTO Li Guangda makes EmTech Singapore's 10 Innovators Under 35 regional list

19 November 2014

Our CTO Guangda has been chosen as one of the Top 10 outstanding innovators in the region for EmTech Singapore's Innovators under 35 regional list. Read More

Techventure 2014: Shopping for the next big idea

17 November 2014

ViSenze participated alongside 120 other exhibitors from Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Thailand and the US to showcase their innovations at Techventure 2014. Read More

Disrupt: Entrepreneurship a brutal journey indeed

25 September 2014

ViSenze CEO and Co-Founder Oliver Tan was part of the panel discussion organized by Digital News Asia (DNA) and the Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM). “Entrepreneurship is a brutal business,” he said at the panel which had as its theme 'Meet the Disruptors.' Read More

Innovate Forum highlights technology, entrepreneurship

17 September 2014

Technology and entrepreneurship took centre stage at the Innovate Forums yesterday. One of the speakers featured was the CEO of Singapore-based ViSenze, Oliver Tan, who provided insights on his company’s cloud-based visual search tool which can add image recognition features for e-commerce and contextual advertising. Read More

ViSenze wins 2014 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award

29 August 2014

National University of Singapore (NUS) technology spin-off, ViSenze, is gaining rapid international recognition by winning a place on the 2014 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award, a prestigious list honoring the year's most promising private technology ventures from Asia. Read More

NUS School of Computing: Interview with Li Guangda, CTO of ViSenze

1 April 2014

Li Guangda, who hails from the coastal city of Tianjin in northern China, completed his PhD at the NUS School of Computing in 2011. He is now the Chief Technology Officer at ViSenze, a start-up he co-founded with Professor Chua Tat-Seng. Read More

Startups and big firms lift innovation tie-ups

19 March 2014

Just last year, Spring Singapore launched its Partnerships for Capability Transformation (Pact) program to facilitate collaborations between LOs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - startups included. Since the launch, over 160 partnerships have been formed, including the partnership between ViSenze and Rakuten Taiwan. Read More

21 startups in Asia that caught our eye

23 February 2014

Tech in Asia shares their newest round of featured startups for the week. Companies to watch out for include ViSenze from Singapore, Mercari ;from Japan, Hike from India, and SplitMedia Labs from Hong Kong. Read More

ViSenze announces US$3.5 million Series A funding

19 February 2014

ViSence today announced it has closed US$3.5 million Series A round of financing led by Rakuten Ventures, with participation from new investors Walden International and UOB Venture Management. Read More

Picture this: Search online without keywords

6 December 2013

Ever passed a well-dressed person on the street and wished you could buy a similar outfit? ViSenze can help you do just that. The tech company, set up in August last year, has developed visual search technology that is able to match images with similar-looking pictures online. Read More

ViSenze's mission is to make sense of the visual web

15 November 2013

ViSenze - a startup sprung from the NExT Research Centre, a collaboration between the National University of Singapore and Tsinghua University of China, is seeking to help both users and businesses make sense of an increasingly visual online world. Read More

ViSenze showcases intelligent visual technology at Samsung Annual Suwon Technology Exhibition 2013

28 October 2013

ViSenze was invited by Samsung Electronics to showcase its award-winning visual recognition and search technology at the Samsung Annual Suwon Technology Exhibition 2013. Read More

ViSenze wins Emerging Technology Award

14 October 2013

National University of Singapore (NUS) spin-off company, ViSenze, was presented with the Silver Award in the category of Emerging Technology at the SiTF 2013 Awards Ceremony and ICT Industry Gala Dinner held on 10 October 2013. Read More

ViSenze, a NUS spin-off company, partners internet giant Rakuten to create visual search driven e-commerce in Taiwan

3 July 2013

ViSenze today announced that it has partnered with Taiwan Rakuten Ichiba, Inc., a subsidiary of Rakuten Group to launch a state-of-the-art visual fashion search and recognition service on Rakuten's social and shopping sites in Taiwan.

Read More