Outfit Recommendations

Inspire customers with outfits and sell more

3 fully customizable AI recommendation algorithms to increase your AOV: Shop the Look, Outfit Inspiration and Pairing Suggestions

Shop the Look

Instantly monetize your model images.

Automatically showcase more products from your catalog shown in model images. This can be tailored to your brand and style.

ViSenze’s AI automatically searches your catalog for the additional products displayed in your model photos and if it’s not in your catalog or is out of stock it will show the closest visual alternative products.

  • Increase AOV
  • Ideal for PDP, PLP, email retargeting

Outfit Inspirations

Make complete outfit recommendations at scale with your existing product photos.

ViSenze’s AI automatically searches your catalog for additional products that go well with the item being shown, and creates complete outfits for a variety of styles and occasions.

This allows you to showcase the versatility of your products and the range of your inventory.

  • Increase AOV
  • Increase CVR
  • Ideal for PDP, homepage, email retargeting

Pairing Suggestions

Capture quick cross-selling opportunities.

ViSenze’s AI automatically identifies and showcases additional products that pair well with the product that is currently being viewed.

This allows you to bundle purchases and create quick intuitive experiences for cross-selling. Learn more.

  • Increase CVR
  • Ideal for PDP, checkout page

Continuous improvement

Continuously improve your recommendations to better match your business goals.

Retailers can fine tune and optimize their strategy and A/B test on recommendation strategy variations by brand, price and category

Works on day 1

These AI recommendations do not require additional model training and are able to cover your entire ecommerce catalog from the start.

This allows you to start increasing your product visibility by allowing your customers to discover more about your catalog on day 1.