ViSenze Solution

Search by Image on Mobile eliminates cumbersome keyword guessing attempts to find matching products. Shoppers use images to search for matching or similar items in Myntra's database. The process is fully-automated and does not require any human intervention.

Myntra's ROI for using ViSenze solutions



better product discovery process

higher product search efficiency

Company Profile

  • Leading fashion e-retailer based in India.
  • Founded in 2007, raised a total of $158.75 million investment so far.
  • Accessed by more than 7.6 million monthly active users on its smartphone app.

Their Challenge

With over hundreds of thousands of products in their catalog, Myntra wanted to give their shoppers a better search experience on the mobile commerce app in order to find the exact fashion item that they would like to purchase.


Uses ViSenze technology to power:

Search by Image on Mobile

Allows shoppers to upload a photo of an item in order to search for exact or similar products on the platform.

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