Snitch Increases Conversions and Engagement with AI-Powered Recommendations and Visual Search

Snitch is a fashion-forward brand for the modern Indian man. Snitch offers a wide range of men’s apparel across categories such as casual wear, formal wear, innerwear, and loungewear and launches at least four to five styles daily.

Recognizing Gen Z’s preference for visual search over traditional keyword searches, Snitch prioritizes their needs by providing a seamless and inspiring shopping experience.

To achieve this, they wanted to enhance their online platform with AI-powered recommendations & visual search capabilities

ai-powered recommendations

How ViSenze helps Snitch curate personalized shopping experiences?

ai-powered recommendations

ViSenze significantly improved Snitch’s shopping experience with tailored ‘Similar’ and ‘Pairing’ recommendation engines, boosting conversion rates by 4X with the Similar recommendation engine and increasing revenue per user.

Collaborating closely, ViSenze optimized the placement of AI-powered recommendations on Snitch’s website and newly launched app. Leveraging ViSenze’s technology, Snitch is able to showcase more complementary products easily from their growing catalog and inventory to enhance shopper styling engagement and AOV.

ViSenze’s Smart Visual Search also enables shoppers to seamlessly discover products using only images, driving instant gratification and revenue growth. Visual search with high click-through rates facilitates faster product discovery, better conversion rates, and higher revenue per session for Snitch.

“We want to provide our customers with an exceptional product discovery journey on our platform. Collaborating closely with ViSenze, we’ve achieved that with automated product recommendations and visual search. ViSenze has proven to be a reliable and valuable partner, and we eagerly look forward to exploring more use cases in AI-Powered Product Discovery.”

Chetan Siyal, CMO, Snitch