ViSenze solution

UNIQLO partnered with Visenze to improve product discovery and user experience for its online shoppers. The company implemented Search by Image to ensure that customers can search for products using the actual source of inspiration, especially in cases where a text based description is likely to fall short. These sources of inspiration are images that contain the product shoppers are looking for. For example, these images can be of friends, a page from a magazine, or even a screenshot of something the user saw on their social media account. By introducing Search by Image, UNIQLO was also able to push their omnichannel approach further, as in-store shoppers could now easily search for same products online.


Uniqlo's ROI for using ViSenze solutions

Improved Product Discovery and Engagement

Increase In Click-Through Rate

Company Profile

  • UNIQLO is a leading global casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer
  • Ranked #41 on Forbes list of innovative companies
  • Annual revenue of USD 14.4 Billion
  • Headquartered in Japan; 1000+ stores worldwide
  • Online stores in 18 countries across North America, Europe and Asia


As a leading retailer with over 1360 stores worldwide, UNIQLO wanted to ensure that its customers are provided a unique user experience online as well. In order to do so, UNIQLO wanted to bridge the gap that often exists between products that people see around them and wish to buy, and products that are shown online based on text based search queries.


The limitations of text based search were resulting in customers failing to discover products that already existed in UNIQLO’s catalog and in turn, lost revenue. The company wanted to ensure that its customers can discover the products they are already inspired to buy easily, without attempting to describe these products via text.


Uses ViSenze technology to power:


Allow users to search by uploading images instead of guessing at keywords, on both desktop and mobile.

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