Global fashion retailer reduces customer query resolution time using ViSenze’s Chatbot solution


This global fashion retailer has a chatbot integrated within their website to assist shoppers with any service related queries and issues.


Customer NPS
Query Resolution Time
Team Productivity

They found that many consumers were using the chatbot to share product images with the customer support team and seeking their help to suggest particular items based on its availability in alternate sizes, colors, or styles. 

This increased the manual effort and complexity for their customer support teams and distracted them from resolving genuine service-related queries resulting in longer query resolution time.

Their objective was to remove the dependency on support staff by automating resolution of these customer requests.


ViSenze’s Chatbot solution enabled the retailer to automate their customer resolution process via chat with ease and scale across multiple countries.

How it works:

ViSenze’s AI Visual Recognition service is integrated into their chat service on website and app.
1. Within the chatbot, the customers can simply upload a fashion image
2. Our service instantly identifies the item in the image to  find the exact, or visually similar item from the retailer’s catalog and displays the most relevant products within the chat window
3. Customers can then browse through the results to find the available items as per their preference


Customers immediately embraced our Chatbot solution due to ease of use and accuracy of results displayed, which was reflected in the retailer’s  increased customer satisfaction scores and the support team’s productivity.

With our Chatbot solution, the retailer achieved:

Increase in customer satisfaction score due to faster and accurate results

Decrease in resolution time for customer queries with automation

Increase in team productivity with automation of such queries

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