Global luxury brand improves store associates’ productivity with ViSenze’s Visual Merchandising solution


This global luxury brand, known for their glamorous and classic fashion apparel collection, operates hundreds of offline stores globally. They hold themselves accountable to very high standards when it comes to brand quality and ensure a consistent brand image across its stores.


Staff productivity
Brand consistency
Speed to market

This mandates that the product display on shelves/walls follow a consistent layout and aesthetics in each store. This plan is created by a central visual merchandising team and shared with store managers globally for every new collection launch.

The staff would check each product manually against the defined plan and take photos of the final placement for review by the central team. This took up to 15-20 minutes to check a single wall and upto a few days to get approval from the central merchandise team.

The brand was looking to automate this auditing process in order to speed up approval of their visual display and roll out new collections faster.


ViSenze’s Visual Merchandising solution enabled the luxury brand to automate their in-store shelf display audit process and launch global campaigns faster.

Today, the in-store staff scans the entire wall using their hand-held device camera to instantly verify if the product placement is correct. In case a product is out of stock in the store, other available recommendations are suggested for replacement.

How it works:

ViSenze’s solution is integrated into the brand’s iPad application.
1. In-store staff takes a photo of the entire wall using their hand-held device
2. They can tap on all products within the image to verify their placement
3. Our proprietary Visual AI solution identifies the exact products and matches their placement to a centrally proposed display plan
4. Staff gets real time results on the products which are incorrectly placed
5. Staff can now quickly correct the product placement without waiting for a central review


The solution saw a positive adoption among the in-store staff as it eliminated a complex and time-consuming auditing process for them.

This Brand was able to achieve:

Higher staff satisfaction levels & productivity due to reduced manual effort

Consistent branding and display across its stores

Faster campaign launches globally due to automated auditing

Reduced margins of error in product display

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