Global sportswear brand counters Covid-19 impact with ViSenze’s Visual AI Search solution


This global brand, a household name in the sportswear category, is known for its digital transformation using innovative and emerging technologies to drive a superior consumer experience within their app and offline stores.


Search Accuracy
User Engagement
Feature Adoption

Due to covid-19, many of its stores closed globally which rushed them to elevate their app experience and boost the e-commerce business quickly. To ensure faster adoption, they were looking for innovative technologies to simplify user’s product discovery experience.

Their internal visual search solution did not achieve the accuracy level required for an optimal user experience. This blocked them from rolling out their solution globally during covid-19.

In order to proceed with the global rollout, the brand needed to ensure that the solution delivered the highest accuracy, lowest latency, global scalability, and a top-quality user experience.


ViSenze’s Visual AI Search solution enabled this major brand to deliver a superior product discovery experience, with the highest product search accuracy, within their global app. With ViSenze’s off-the-shelf capabilities and tight collaboration between both teams, the solution was made live within 2 weeks.

The significantly improved accuracy delivered by ViSenze, combined with our global deployment capability, allowed this customer to roll out Visual Product Search across the globe within a month.

How it works:

ViSenze’s solution is integrated within the consumer app (both Android and iOS).
1. In the app, consumers can upload an image from their image gallery, or snap a photo via their camera
2. Our service uses our proprietary Visual AI Search solution to identify the shoe in the image and return the exact match from brand’s collection
3. If the exact product  is not available, similar products are recommended based on visual similarity, color, and style relevance
4. Consumers can proceed to buy their favorite shoe


The solution has seen positive acceptance among consumers and fast adoption everywhere. To date, the highest engagement levels have been seen in China, where ViSenze processes hundreds of millions of product searches each month.

This Brand was able to achieve:

Higher search accuracy due to ViSenze’s advanced Visual AI Search

Higher conversions due to fine-tuning for color/style relevancy

Deeper user engagement due to an intuitive user experience

Rapid increase in adoption and repeat usage globally

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