Meesho Achieves ~ 1 Billion Visual Searches Annually

Meesho, India’s exclusive e-commerce marketplace for small retailers, boasts an extensive product range spanning apparel, cosmetics, electronics, home decor, and more. With a significant ‘new-to-e-commerce’ customer base from tier 2 to tier 4 cities, Meesho prioritizes user experience. It is also the fastest shopping apps across the world to register 500 million downloads.

Recognizing the potential of visual search, Meesho was on the lookout for the perfect visual search partner who could ensure that they could put speed and ease of product discovery at the center of the visual search experience.

How to bring in ‘natural’ ways of searching for new-to-e-commerce customers?

Product Search

Meesho targets customers in Tier 2 to 4 cities in India, recognizing that traditional text searches are less effective due to language barriers.

Shoppers are also increasingly inspired by celebrities/influencers and expect to help e-commerce brands find similar looks without making them do a lot of heavy lifting.

Embracing a more intuitive approach, shoppers can easily “See. Search. Shop.” by snapping a screenshot or taking a photo with their phones—whether on social media or offline. It’s as simple as that!

Results That Make A Difference

Given Meesho’s extensive and ever-growing catalog, ViSenze ensures blazing-fast search results in less than 500 milliseconds so that Meesho’s customers find relevant products faster and buy quicker without a lot of heavy lifting.

As the ideal partner, ViSenze ensures scalability and peak performance during sales events. Over the past years, Meesho’s customers have conducted almost a billion visual searches annually. By ensuring that Meesho customers find what they want faster, AI-powered Smart Visual Search helped Meesho unlock more revenue.

“Our endeavor to draw in and increase engagement with ‘new-to-e-commerce’ customers is unique. One of the major challenges we had to solve was the language barrier when it came to search. ViSenze’s AI-Powered Visual Search has been a perfect match for our requirements.”

Gagan Mahajan, Group Product Manager, Meesho