ViSenze announces the launch of a new Multi-Search capability for Retailers

Integrated text and image search designed to improve the product search and discovery experience for consumers and help retailers increase revenue.

NEW YORK, 13 January 2023ViSenze, the leading search and discovery platform, today announced the launch of ViSenze Multi-Search. This new product will see the ViSenze Visual Search and Recommendations platform evolve to combine the convenience of text search with the accuracy of visual search, enabling users to find a particular item faster and more easily than ever before.

Search isn’t new. And that’s a problem. Retailers across the world are using old technology that hasn’t kept pace with consumer behavior and expectations in 2023. “For many shoppers today, product search feels more Yellow Pages than TikTok”, said Brendan O’Shaughnessy, Chief Commercial Officer at ViSenze. “But what shoppers really want is for search to be personalized, fast, and to offer relevant results. Otherwise, retailers risk losing up to 68 percent of their shoppers.” 

In a personalized shopping world, shoppers should be able to search for any products on any retail site in the most natural way they think about it. This means searching with text queries or image queries or even a combination thereof. By reinventing product search tools and going beyond just keywords or only images, ViSenze aims to help retailers bridge this gap. ViSenze Multi-Search uses key proprietary AI capabilities developed over the last decade and builds on them to deliver an integrated search capability that combines three components – product data optimization, keyword search, and image search. 

ViSenze Multi-Search aims to deliver a deeper understanding of the search by inferring shopper intent, rather than just processing the query itself. ViSenze’s launch of Multi-Search is the first stage of their goal to transform the product search experience in a way that will better inspire consumers and deliver higher revenue for retailers. Underpinning this approach is ViSenze’s vector search engine – a key differentiating factor.

“Multi-Search represents the next major step in our vision to provide contextually relevant, timely, and personalized search results. This will help match customers’ shopping intent in whichever natural way the shopper searches for it,” commented Oliver Tan, CEO, and Co-Founder at ViSenze.

Consumers know what they are searching for, but keyword inputs rarely describe their intent and the search experience falters. Multi-Search uses ViSenze’s AI engine to infer the intent even when the keyword inputs are simple and generic to deliver consumers results faster and with far fewer clicks. ViSenze will showcase the new Multi-Search product and Smart Recommendations at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2023: Retail’s Big Show happening on January 15-17, 2023, in New York City.

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