Yotpo achieves 33% higher efficiency in shoppable UGC with ViSenze’s Visual AI solution

Yotpo is an e-commerce marketing platform headquartered in New York, NY. Founded in 2011, they have secured over $176mn over the course of 9 years. Their UGC solutions enable eCommerce brands to gather, curate, manage and display top-performing content across the website and user journey. They have thousands of global customers using their solutions to boost user engagement and conversions.


Yotpo helps major brands to enable shoppable UGC that captures users’ attention at the point of inspiration and shortens their path to purchase. They leverage the power of visual content to engage consumers and improve conversion rates.

For Yotpo customers, the curation process of shoppable UGC was completely manual and restricted more brands from adopting this service. The process required them to spend too much time manually identifying products from their UGC, searching for the most accurate product from within their catalog of thousands of SKUs, and then manually linking the right product to the UGC. 

Yotpo wanted a solution that could cut the time spent by their customers, provide scalability to better meet growing demand from global brands, drive more consistent output for their customers, and importantly enable their customers to go live faster with their top-performing shoppable UGC.


ViSenze’s Visual AI solution transformed the way brands use Yotpo’s service to make their UGC shoppable.

Today, Yotpo customers can select all of their UGC and use the ViSenze Visual AI solution to consistently identify products and then quickly match them to their product catalog. This is enabled by the ViSenze AI Visual Recognition service which is integrated into the Yotpo curation platform.

This integrated AI-enabled solution provides Yotpo with enhanced features to quickly process the brand’s UGC, automatically return a selection of matched catalog products, and shortens the time for their customers to bring this enhanced shoppable content to their consumers.

How it works:

ViSenze AI Visual Recognition service is integrated into Yotpo’s curation platform.

  1. It is used to identify individual items within the brand’s UGC image and matches each of those items to relevant products from the brand’s catalog
  2. Our service returns a shortlist of 6 visually similar products to the Yotpo curation platform from which users can quickly select the right catalog product and link it to the UGC image, which can be published immediately across the brands’ digital domains and social networks


ViSenze Visual AI solution enabled Yotpo customers to curate 33% more shoppable UGC in the same amount of time.

“Our customers found the process of linking UGC with the right product from their catalog quite manual and high-effort. ViSenze’s Visual AI solution solved this problem for us and enabled Yotpo to deliver a faster, more accurate and efficient solution to over 9,000 brands globally. Now, we see 33% more UGC images being linked with our Tagging Assistant feature.”
– Dan Levy (Visual UGC group leader)

With our Visual AI solution, Yotpo improved:

Efficiency: freed up the customers’ bandwidth to focus on other consumer-centric activities

Faster go-live: This enabled them to quickly surface the top performing UGC to enable virtual shopping experiences faster within a few clicks

Scalability: more brands are adopting Yotpo services to drive shoppable UGC at scale, with greater confidence in the consistency and accuracy of the service

Initially, Yotpo planned to provide this to select customers, but, based on the impact, they opened up the service to all of their global customers.

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