ZALORA uses search product by image to improve product search and discovery

Zalora search product by image

“We want to give our customers joy in shopping by just taking a photo of any fashion objects that grab their attention” – Karthik Subramanian, CTO, Zalora Group 

Zalora is the leading online fashion retailer in South East Asia with more than 41 million monthly visits to its website and more than 20 million app downloads.


ZALORA’s shoppers were finding it harder to find the item they were looking for and leaving Zalora before making a purchase.

This is because Zalora has a catalog of more than 3,000 brands on their site that can get overwhelming for shoppers. They needed to provide a better search and navigation experience so consumers can find exactly what they are looking for.


With ViSenze, Zalora’s shoppers are now able to search products by images, screenshots, and social media posts.

ViSenze Smart Search created a better shopping experience for their customers, increased engagement and reduced cart abandonment. 

ViSenze used Amazon EC2, EKS, S3, Lambda to deploy AI/ML-based solutions quickly in a scalable manner.

Search product by image on zalora