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Promote the most relevant products that match intent

How do you show the right product offer to the right shopper at the right time and place?

ViSenze Retail Media solution uses AI to understand first-party and contextual data to drive the right product Ad opportunity at the right moment to the right audience. 

For Brands

  • Sponsored product Ads that boost product visibility and sales
  • Reach shoppers with highly relevant product display Ads matched to their intent

For Retailers

  • Showcase visually similar product recommendations alongside your catalog to convert more high-intent traffic to your site
  • Target on-site audiences with native product Ads
  • Generate incremental advertising revenue on your existing traffic
  • Increase average order values 

Join hundreds of retailers leveraging ViSenze Retail Media to better serve millions of shoppers every day.

  • 2B monthly product impressions 
  • 500M monthly searches with clear intent to purchase 
  • 200M monthly active users across 45 countries
Average conversion rates among major shopping platforms
-Bing: 1.7%
-ViSenze: 2.1%
-Google Shopping: 1.9%

Implement one of the most contextual media solutions

Whether you’re a retailer, brand, publisher, smartphone brand or social network, you can get started today.

 Get in touch with us to find out how.

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