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Grow new revenue with Smart Ads

Consumers are searching for products every day whenever and wherever they are inspired. Why not seize the opportunity to be part of a new world of commerce?

For Smartphone Brands

Your customers’ camera lens is the newest entry into the world of e-commerce. Turn that high-powered camera into an advanced shopping lens. Embrace the best visual search engine to deliver smart experiences and advanced e-commerce services that generate affiliate and advertising revenue from mobile users. 

For Social App Owners

Social shopping is getting sophisticated — and visually motivated users are primed to buy. Enable your users to shop products visually and reap the rewards.

How does it work?

All it takes is seamlessly and natively integrating the ViSenze Shopping Lens with your device or apps through our APIs or SDKs. 

Soon, your users will be able to start snapping and searching for products immediately across all major e-commerce sites through our global affiliate network of merchants and retailers.

Uncover opportunity on a global scale
-Reach 45 countries 
-Plug into 900 leading global -merchants 
-Remain GDPR compliant

Implement one of the most contextual media solutions

Whether you’re a retailer, brand, publisher, smartphone brand or social network, you can get started today.

 Get in touch with us to find out how.

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