Guide to A/B Testing
Best Practices

Ecommerce A/B Testing: A Quick Guide

September 29 2022

People comparison shop all the time to find the best deal. They don’t only look at prices but also product features, quality, brand name, and more. In the ecommerce world,[…]

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Gloden Rules of Luxury Commerce

Five Golden Rules of Luxury Ecommerce

September 22 2022

Selling luxury items online requires a high-quality user experience. Many high-end brands have struggled to leap into the digital era. This is mainly due to the lack of understanding as[…]

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recommendation algorithms

Visual Recommendation Algorithms: The Next Big Thing in Fashion Ecommerce

September 08 2022

Style is unique—everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what to wear. Fashion retailers are tasked with helping shoppers find their ideal products. These include shirts, trousers, sunglasses,[…]

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Checklist

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022 Checklist

August 18 2022

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you’ll be well aware of the financial benefits that Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring for businesses[…]

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Automated Product Tagging

Automated Product Tagging: Increase Shopify Conversions

August 11 2022

Improving conversion rates may be very helpful to any ecommerce business in terms of increasing sales. Focusing on strategies such as Automated Product Tagging can help improve conversions for your[…]

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PDP in ecommerce
Best Practices

How to Build an Optimized Product Detail Page PDP in eCommerce

August 03 2022

Ecommerce today is fast-paced. If shoppers don’t find what they’re looking for fast enough they’re exiting your website quicker than you can say hello.An optimized PDP in ecommerce, product detail[…]

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Brands Taking Product Discovery to The Next Level
Search & Recommendations

Product Discovery: 5 Brands Taking It to The Next Level

July 21 2022

Ecommerce stores with endless options overwhelm shoppers. Customers want a minimal lift when buying products online. But, unlike brick-and-mortar stores, they can’t approach sales associates to help them along the[…]

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17 Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
Best Practices

17 Proven Strategies for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

July 15 2022

One of the main challenges that ecommerce businesses face in this day and age is shopping cart abandonment. Unlike when shopping in person, customers can quickly and easily click off[…]

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Personalization in retail
Retail AI Index

Personalization in Retail with ViSenze’s Co-Founder and CEO, Oliver Tan

June 28 2022

Shoppers today have more choices than ever. With an increase in available retail options, shoppers can be very selective about who they do or don’t do business with. Winning shoppers’ attention increasingly requires personalization — a growing concept that helps brands differentiate themselves and build a more loyal and satisfied customer base.

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