Sharpen Ecommerce Catalog Intelligence to Optimize Inventory and Reduce Cost

A young fashionable woman wearing a red shirt and catalog intelligence attributes popping up around the shirt including: Color (red +30% vs blue), Pattern (block color +26% vs stripes), Length (cropped -4% vs waist), Sleeve length (short +54% vs long), Popularity (+115%) and Sell Through Rate (90%)

Observe meaningful market demand signals in real-time and uncover the most significant opportunities.

  • Gather search behavior insights to track hottest trends.
  • Explore query data and see what’s rising in popularity.
  • Give shoppers access to trending styles in real-time.

Gain Deeper Understanding of Product Performance

  • Drill down into attribute-level performance across catalogs.
  • Better manage inventory to avoid out-of-stock.
  • Stock right to reduce waste & improve margin.
ecommerce catalog
Image of an orange handbag and attributes underneath
ecommerce catalog

Remove Guesswork from Range Planning with Smarter Forecasting

Automatically align range planning with what high-intent shoppers are asking for

  • Identify and fill demand gaps in current product assortment.
  • Provide AI-powered forecasting for each product SKU.
  • Streamline & centralize range planning process.
ecommerce catalog optimization

Conduct Sophisticated Price Analysis and Comparison

Gain deeper competitive understanding.

  • Run catalog comparisons with products your competitors are offering.
  • Continuous optimize your price to remain competitive in the market.
  • Never lose a sale based on price sensitivity.
ecommerce catalog optimization