Improve product discoverability and
accelerate revenue growth

Product discoverability example showing woman on a laptop screen wearing a polka dot dress with search examples and dress attributes flying out around her. Search examples: ruffle dress with polkadots, white & black sundress. Attributes flying out with images of similar dresses: Midi length, black and white, polka dot, sundress.

Get your products
found faster with
richer product tags

Powering instant, closely matched search results for long-tail keywords searches.

  • Automatically enrich your catalog with SEO-optimised tags.
  • Return product matches no matter how complex the keywords used.
  • Minimize inconsistencies and missed revenue opportunities.

Instantly shorten the path to purchase with visual search

Why struggle looking for hard-to-describe products, when AI-powered visual search can surface it instantly.

  • Let customers shop products from their gallery.
  • Connect your catalog to their social media inspirations.
  • Inspire them to purchase from celebrity & UGC galleries.
image of mobile phone displaying a photo of a mid-century modern table

Deliver high-performing contextual recommendations

Surface the right products and increase purchases at various customer touchpoints

  • Suggest similar items that match real-time shopper intent and guide them toward styles they’ll buy.
  • Excite them with similar outfits & complementary items to complete their purchase.
  • Custom configure each strategy to optimize for conversion & revenue.

Product discoverability example showing a mobile phone screen appearing over a photo of a fashionable couple, scanning their clothing and displaying recommendations under the heading: You may also like
Image of laptop displaying a shirt, shorts, and shoes with am mouse cursor hovering over jeans and attributes displayed to the left, top, and bottom

Optimized site structure & navigation to enhance shopper journey

The easier you make navigating your product catalog, the easier you make it for shoppers to reach the checkout, satisfied.

  • Create dynamic navigation menus from standardized catalog meta-data.
  • Showcase trending product categories with advanced search filtering and sorting.
  • Add related searches links to make it easy for shoppers to explore more relevant products.

Improve customer experience through unique insights

Make smarter business decisions, meet your customers’ demands, and gain more competitive advantage.

  • Generate insights into your shoppers’ interests and demands.
  • Analyse how customers interact with recommendations at every touchpoint.
  • Integrate the insights with your reporting tools.
Illustration of a hand pressing on a tablet with an image of beige boots and chart icons representing insightful data

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