Global luxury fashion house uplifts customer service in stores with ViSenze’s Visual AI solution


This global luxury house owns multiple fashion brands under its portfolio and operates heavily via their offline stores.


The client faced challenges managing consumer queries around product information in stores. When consumers ask about the product size, availability, and price, the store associates need to scan the barcode of each product to look up the information.

This tedious step takes time and effort as the barcodes for products are less visible or not available when on display. This resulted in lower customer service and dropped store associates’ productivity.


ViSenze’s Visual Search enables the retailer to serve consumer queries faster and with more accurate product information, which improves their overall service levels.

Our solution, embedded into the employee app, allows the store associates to quickly scan the product to see the relevant information at their fingertips. They can now provide relevant suggestions for consumers’ benefit.


The solution eliminates additional effort and enables a faster customer service experience.

With ViSenze’s Visual AI solution, the client achieved:

Higher customer satisfaction due to faster response time

Higher store associate productivity due to instant search

Removed dependency on scanning barcodes

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