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New Ecommerce Platform Integrations

BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento2 customers can now synchronize their catalogs with just a few clicks.

This will enable all of your current products as well as future product updates to be synced in real-time with ViSenze.

Look for the Salesforce, WooCommerce or Magento2 Connector option in Catalog Manager to get started.

This new recommendations strategy makes outfit recommendations at scale and can be tailored to your brand and style. This allows you to showcase the versatility of your products and the range of your inventory. See it in action.

Make quick changes to your catalog

You now have the option to ‘Edit Import Settings’ and ‘Edit Field Mapping’ after importing your catalog.

‘Edit Import Settings’ allows you to change import settings and change between different import types: File Upload/SFTP or URL Fetch.

‘Edit Field Mapping’ allows you to edit, view, add or remap fields such as sale price and original price.

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