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Two new ways to increase AOV with outfits

With peak season upon us, you now have even more options to improve revenue for your business with the addition of two new recommendation strategies: Outfit Inspirations and Pairing Suggestions. 

These allow you to inspire shoppers, create deeper engagement, and ultimately increase basket sizes and conversion rates. 

Supercharge your product pages with inspirational outfits

Shoppers love it when tasteful outfits are shown to them. With the new Outfit Inspirations algorithm you can delight your shoppers with inspiring outfit ideas.

This new recommendations strategy makes outfit recommendations at scale and can be tailored to your brand and style. This allows you to showcase the versatility of your products and the range of your inventory. See it in action.

Capture quick cross-sells opportunities

At times simply showing an add-on item can create an ideal cross-sell. For example, recommending a suitable pair of sneakers when your shopper is purchasing a pair of jeans.

The new Pairing Suggestions recommendation shows additional products that pair well with the product that is currently being viewed. This helps you to be creative with bundling purchases and is ideal for checkout pages, post purchase communications and welcome back experiences. See it in action.

Existing Smart Recommendations subscribers can deploy our new Outfit Inspirations and Pairing Suggestions strategies at no additional cost.

Recommending complementary products is part of creating a holistic shopping experience. We have a suite of recommendation solutions at your disposal, such as Visually Similar recommendations to suggest alternatives and Session-Based recommendations offering a more personalized shopping experience. Used together, your customers can now enjoy a shopping experience that matches their intent.
If you aren’t subscribed to Smart Recommendations, we are offering a free 1 month trial of Smart Recommendations to increase your AOV, get started today and fully take advantage of increased AOV during this peak season!

Outfit Inspiration Recommendations