ViSenze Quarterly Product Highlights

Product Releases

Say hello to inspiration-based social recommendations

There’s no doubt that the shopping journey continues to evolve! What was once a casual browse, or an intent-led search, has now become a more inspiration-led discovery process.

More and more shoppers find that inspiration across social media, seeing what others are wearing, and looking for ways to adopt new styles. One of the key challenges for retailers is bridging the gap between shoppers being inspired by Instagram or TikTok posts, and identifying and finding those same products to buy. 

ViSenze has the answer with our new Social Recommendations. With Social, you can present all your IG post images in a shoppable gallery, on your own website and auto-link them to the right products. Want to use Look Books to inspire your shoppers? Well, Social can make them seamlessly shoppable too. Why not invite your shoppers to upload their own style images of products they’ve bought, in order to inspire others? Because, with Social, you can ensure that those UGC images will always link to the right products when available.

Social makes any image shoppable, so go ahead and try it out and increase your consumer engagement and conversion with ease!

To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’? Decide with our enhanced  A/B Testing feature

Product recommendations work, but how do you ensure continued optimization of your strategies?  With A/B testing! With our built-in A/B testing feature, we have now made it easier than ever for you to test and optimize your ViSenze recommendations. 

You can easily create two versions of a recommendation placement, each based on a varied hypothesis. Then, publish these variations immediately (or at a scheduled time), to an audience traffic split over a customizable period. The results can then be analyzed, leading you to determine the optimal recommendation strategy that you can set to use by default.

Our A/B test feature measures the following metrics; Session Engagement Rate, Clickthrough Rate, Variant Add-to-Cart Rate, Variant Conversion Rate, and Average Order Value.

So, now you can validate if your ‘gut feeling’ is right or can be improved on. Run as many experiments as often as you like, and be confident that with the right data, you’re making the right decisions. 

Result: Increased conversions, AOV, and Revenue per Session.

Best Product image every time, thanks to Intelligent Image Selection

For those of you with multiple images per product, we’ve now launched Intelligent Image Selection, which analyzes the image metadata of each product and identifies the best product and model images to display. Now, you can be confident that your shoppers are seeing the highest quality image, improving engagement and increasing conversion.

Introducing Attribution 2.0! 

As you, our customers have increased the adoption of our Recommendations service over the last 18 months, we have been reviewing the attribution model underpinning it, and have sought ways to improve it with a more accurate attribution model that better accounts for the various e-commerce scenarios that retailers experience. Here’s a quick update on what’s changing:

In the new framework, conversions are only attributed to products your shoppers have previously interacted with via a Recommendation interaction. The further the interaction in the conversion funnel, the bigger the default attribution window. This will apply to all of our new customers, but if you are an existing customer who wants to adopt the new model, please raise a request to your account team.