Reliance Ajio transforms its ecommerce experience with Visual Search

Visual Search

Ajio, a leading fashion and lifestyle brand, is Indian conglomerate Reliance Retail’s digital commerce initiative.

The brand brings a fresh, current, and accessible perspective to personal style. It does this by creating capsule collections that put together great looks, making exclusive international brands available in one place, and reviving India’s rich textile heritage through its Indie collection, and through its in-house brand Ajio Own.

Ajio saw a clear opportunity to enable a seamless visual search experience for their shoppers. The behemoth also wanted to ensure that the speed and ease of product discovery were at the center of the visual search experience.

Keeping a pulse on Gen Z’s and tech-savvy customers’ want for a seamless search experience

Time-strapped customers find traditional keyword-based text searches cumbersome and seek more natural search methods.

They prefer the “See. Search. Shop.” approach, utilizing their phones’ camera, gallery, and screenshots as their fashion companions. Whether discovering something intriguing on social media or offline, they desire an experience where they can effortlessly click a picture or take a screenshot and visually search for it on their preferred e-commerce site.

Results That Make A Difference

Ajio was on the lookout for a visual search platform that could put its customers at the center of the experience by showcasing relevant images at lightning speed.

ViSenze empowers Ajio to provide a seamless and captivating search experience, leading to a remarkable increase in visual search usage within a few quarters!

Notably, one in every five customers entering through visual search converts, demonstrating its effectiveness compared to text-based search.

By ensuring that Ajio’s customers find their favorite products faster, ViSenze Visual Search not only accelerates product discovery but also unlocks more revenue.

“At Ajio our focus is on ensuring customer success. Given our Gen Z and tech-savvy customer profile, we wanted to enable a seamless search experience to ensure quick and relevant results. ViSenze AI-Powered Visual Search has helped us convert significantly higher customers as compared to text search.”

Nikhil Jain, Head of Product, Ajio