Zalora Shortens Path-to-Purchase with Smart Product Discovery

With 41 million monthly visits and a catalog of over 3,000 fashion brands, Zalora is one of the leading online fashion and lifestyle destinations in Asia. Zalora wanted to streamline the journey and drive an exceptional shopping experience. They knew how frustrating it could be for customers to look for something on their site and leave empty-handed.

ViSenze Discovery Suite helped bridge the gap between what customers want and what Zalora has in its product inventory to discover the right products consistently and quickly.

Challenges with Poor Product Discoverability

Zalora was looking for intuitive AI visual tools to enable shoppers to search using images they’ve taken from retail catalogs, in-store products, and social media posts they’ve saved from their favorite influencers. 

Zalora’s idea was also to enable customers to ‘shop the look’ based on similar-style or identical products they’ve come across elsewhere. They needed to work with a product discovery platform that would help them use AI image recognition technology to get perfect-match items in front of their shoppers with a minimal lift.

Clear, Intuitive, and Unified Consumer Experience

Zalora opted for ViSenze Discovery Suite since it provided an end-to-end platform that helped shorten customers’ paths to the shopping cart. Zalora was keen to have a solution that provided accurate and relevant product results based on social inspiration and image search. 

They also wanted to combine visual AI and machine learning to deliver personalized recommendations at each stage of the customer journey. Automated product tagging based on relevant attributes which increases product discoverability was a key factor as well.

Increase in Conversions and Revenue

ViSenze helped Zalora craft a seamless search and discovery experience, which resulted in a higher engagement rate of more than 10% and increased the average order value by 15%. ViSenze Discovery Suite helps Zalora by:

  • Recommending complementary items based on style and occasion
  • Turning user-generated Instagram posts into shoppable content
  • Letting shoppers find items from images including screenshots, and social media posts. 
  • Forecasting accurately with relevant and actionable data

The ease of finding the right product also led to reduced customer churn, increased click-through rates, and ultimately more revenue.

We want to give our customers joy in shopping by just taking a photo of any fashion objects that grab their attention

Karthik Subramanian

CTO, Zalora Group

Zalora’s seamless search and discovery experience powered by ViSenze Discovery Suite increased engagement rate by more than 10% and average order value by 15%